777 Hypercar, only 7 specimens worth 7 million euros The racing car looks like a superhero’s car – solomotori.it

777 Hypercar only 7 specimens worth 7 million euros The

There are cars that defining “dream” is not an exaggeration. And this is precisely the case of the newly unveiled 777 Motors supercar, which debuts with a Dallara-branded racing car. The name? It seems trivial, but 777 Hypercar has a precise meaning, which you will discover by reading this article. Hypercar 777 And it’s an … Read more

Isotta Fraschini at Le Mans 2023 with a hypercar: how it is made

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The historic Milanese company founded in 1900 returns to competitions with a hypercar made in collaboration with Michelotto: hybrid, four-wheel drive, about 1000 hp of power, with a 3000 cc V6 turbo. The car will be presented in February 2023 Gianluca Piperno October 21 – Milan In 1900, in Milan, the Isotta Fraschini workshop was … Read more

Utopia, the musical hypercar that costs 10 million euros: only 99 units (all already sold)

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Giuseppina Manin The Conservatory Orchestra baptizes the first car with musical pieces composed by Vincenzo Parisi and played by porters and wipers. The creator Horacio Pagani: thus I combine art and science The red curtain of the Lirico slowly opens. In the proscenium a black grand piano. The pianist, white hair and tennis shoes, … Read more