Isn’t Alzheimer’s a brain disease? The new incredible hypotheses

Isnt Alzheimers a brain disease The new incredible hypotheses

Incredible new hypotheses have come out regarding Alzheimer’s. The researchers’ studies have brought to light some interesting news that speak of the possibility that it is not a brain disease: this is what it is. Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease that severely affects a patient’s mental functions and interferes with his or her … Read more

The second flop on Artemis 1? The head of the Italian space agency: «Because it is a” normal “failure». The hypotheses on the next attempts of NASA

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

Don’t worry if it was canceled the launch of the rocket Space Launch System (Sls) of the mission Artemis 1 direct to the moon. To reassure is Giorgio Saccoccia, president of the Italian Space Agency (Asi), which explains how these are tests whose failure is to be considered “normal“. It had already happened with the … Read more

Will the price of the PS5 rise? Hypotheses and theories, let’s talk about it

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

It’s not a golden time for Sony, though PS5 has reached 21 million consoles distributed, PlayStation profits fell 37% and this also led to a 7% drop in the stock market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Japanese company is clashing with PS5 production and distribution issues And with player involvement in decline and Sony … Read more

Petrol at 2 euros per liter, when will the price drop? All the hypotheses against price increases

The rhythm of the fuel prices rise, but the average remains above two euros per liter for petrol and diesel. According to the estimates of the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development, detected at 8 in the morning of 13 June, self-service petrol at 2,040 euros per liter, while diesel costs around 1,970 … Read more