Charlene of Monaco of ice, chastened green dress and expressionless smile

Charlene of Monaco of ice chastened green dress and

Charlene of Monaco she shows herself in public again with her husband Alberto for the traditional distribution of gifts from the Red Cross, of which she is president. Event shortly before the Montecarlo National Day. The Princess wore a forest green dress from her favorite brand Akris and, although she never lost her smile, she … Read more

There’s something hidden under the Antarctic ice sheet – it’s the first time it’s seen

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

According to an ancient African proverb, when the river is full it also becomes “silent”. Certainly this last adjective fits perfectly for a very long stream of water identified for the first time by the scientists at South Pole. It was located just below the ice cap and is of considerable size to say the … Read more

Antarctica and the excessive catastrophism of melting ice

Great Britain taxes for the richest no VAT on shopping

In recent weeks, alarming news has emerged on the front of climate change: one of the most important ice caps in theAntarctica, according to reports, it could in fact shatter within a few years. Of particular concern would be the dissolution of the Thwaites glacier, which could help raise sea levels by 25 percent from … Read more

Salento, bill of over one million euros: the ice cream factory suspends production

Salento bill of over one million euros the ice cream

“Fire? No way. This year the demand has increased. So, to produce more, I had to hire another 10 employees. I’m 52 now. And I wouldn’t touch them for the world. Rather, I act on the product. I suspended the production of trays and raised the price on the entire range ». Who speaks is … Read more

Antarctica, the melting of the ice towards a critical point – Science & Technique

PHOTO Antarctica is close to a critical point: this is revealed by the map of changes in the temperatures of the Southern Ocean covering the last 45 million years (free via unsplash) © ANSA / Ansa Antarctica is close to a critical point: this is revealed by the map of changes in the temperatures of … Read more

Pesticide-free ice cream, the best around: at the supermarket for 90 cents | Zero bacteria

Pesticide free ice cream the best around at the supermarket for

In the summer months we usually prefer the consumption of fresh foods including, of course, ice cream can certainly not be missing. Here, according to the association Other consumptionwhich are the best packaged ice creams around. Ice creams – There is nothing more beautiful, in summer, than indulging in a good one ice cream … Read more

If you care about the health of your body, don’t eat ice! –

If you care about the health of your body dont

Eating ice is considered an excellent stress reliever and at the same time an effective hunger breaker, yet it puts our body at incredible risk. Here because. A very common practice among those who follow a diet and those who suffer particularly from the heat is that of eat ice. We refer to a sort … Read more

Hoara Borselli: «I was a barista at 15 paid with an ice cream. Guys, sacrifice is needed ». Social revolt

from Valentina Baldisserri Ironic but also angry reactions on the “sacrifices” evoked by the columnist, former model and former of Walter Zenga. The president of Emilia Romagna Bonaccini: “If his proposal is to work for free, then we’re in a bad way” Touch the topic of work on social networks, invite young people to sacrifice, … Read more

That’s why you shouldn’t drink ice water on a full stomach or after meals and in hot weather

When it is very hot, the temperatures seem unbearable in any corner of the house. This is why we often tend to go to the kitchen to open the fridge and drink thirst-quenching water as soon as possible. We put the bottle in the refrigerator to be able to enjoy fresh and not hot water, … Read more

“They contain a powerful pesticide”, beware of these ice creams: well-known brand

They contain a powerful pesticide beware of these ice creams

Beware of ice cream contaminated with ethylene oxide disinfectant. Several ice cream companies are withdrawing some packages that appear to be contaminated. Harmful ice creams As soon as the temperature column marks a scorching heatone of the few things that give relief in the city is ice cream. Beware ice creams withdrawn from the … Read more