Lidl’s ideal solution for storing your clothes for less than €30! – Stop&Go

Lidls ideal solution for storing your clothes for less than

Lidl has launched the ideal product for saving space at home and keeping clothes in order! Depending on the size of your home, it’s not always easy to find the right solution for you. Clothes storage tips. Luckily, Lidl has the perfect solution if you want to hang up your best coats. A space-saving solution … Read more

WD Black P40: the review of the portable gaming SSD also ideal for consoles

WD Black P40 the review of the portable gaming SSD

Small and versatile, the WD_BLACK P40 external SSD is a fast drive that can be used in many situations: here is our review. The WD Black P40 is a Portable SSD with strong gaming features: high reading speeds, compact dimensions and an RGB lighting system that we gamers like so much. Under the solid black … Read more

Motori 2026, Lombardi: “The ideal regulation has the flow meter” |

Motori 2026 Lombardi The ideal regulation has the flow meter

Claudio Lombardi, an institution in the field of racing engine design. The engineer was active in the Ferrari engine department in Formula 1 in the first half of the 1990s, helping to fill several technical gaps present at the time in Maranello. Thirty years later, Formula 1 faces the debate that accompanies the drafting of … Read more

It is one of the richest vegetables in water and would be ideal for weight loss and cholesterol control

When the heat becomes impossible to bear, it is important to have fresh food available, to eat without having to turn on ovens and stoves. In fact, in summer, space should be given to cold, fast and light dishes that are also easily digestible.So green light for pasta or rice salads, fish, fruit, vegetables and … Read more

Here are the most beautiful and trendy short haircuts of summer 2022, ideal for immediately feeling more seductive women and instantly rejuvenating

For summer 2022, hair in the wind, or rather “tufts” in the wind, thanks to the latest trends in the hair system that see the triumph of hair short and cheeky. According to fashion, in fact, long and heavy hairstyles now leave room for fluttering symmetries and asymmetries that, in many cases, do not reach … Read more

Seven hours of sleep is the ideal rest time for adults and the elderly

from Cristina Marrone Sleeping too much or too little is linked to poorer cognitive performance and mental health starting in middle age, according to a new study. But the important thing is to find your own pace The ideal hours of sleep? Seven hours, at least starting from middle age. In this way, better cognitive … Read more

The ideal formation for Fantasy Football: 35th day

The formation for the 35th matchday of Serie A will not be easy to field. It starts tomorrow at 15 with two advances: Naples-Sassuolo and Cagliari-Verona. It ends on Monday evening with the postponement scheduled between Atalanta and Salernitana. In between, interesting matches in fantasy football and also decisive for the championship: Milan-Fiorentina and Udinese-Inter. … Read more