Anna Tatangelo, her mother died after a long illness: Palmira Vinci was 67 years old

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

She had been sick for some time, she fought against a terrible evil like a lioness but in the end, this morning, she gave up. Great pain in the family of the singer sorana Anna Tatangelo after the death of the lady Palmira Vinci, 67 years old, mother of Anna. In recent years, the singer … Read more

Illness at the “GF Vip”, Cristina Quaranta faints live. Its conditions

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Moments of panic in the Casa del Big Brother Vip 7 for a sudden illness that hit Cristina Quaranta. The competitor is in fact fainted and was found on the ground near the bathroom area, with some roommates who immediately raised the alarm begging for the help of the production. His are not known at … Read more

Freshman flu, first-year symptoms of illness – that’s why it affects them

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

It can also happen to those who have been studying for several years, but it is more likely to affect those in the first year. Those in university can (almost certainly) put their soul in peace. Sooner or later (sooner rather than later) he will get a good “freshman” influence. A “disease” typical of students … Read more

Fabio Liverani and his wife Federica Frangipane, who died after an illness: “He helped others until the end”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Monica Scozzafava The woman, 46, disappeared on Tuesday 20 September. With the former footballer they met at school, then they separated. To her children he always said: It’s okay Federica the girl he met at school, the girlfriend who encouraged him during the years of football at the oratory. Federica was the wife of … Read more

Daniele Bossari talks about his illness: “I had a tumor in my throat, I had months of chemo”

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

from Entertainment editing “Sometimes you have to go through pain to understand happiness. Now I know it well », writes the conductor in a long reflection on social media “Sometimes you have to go through pain to understand happiness. Now I know it well ». Daniele Bossari entrusts a long and profound personal reflection to … Read more

“My thumb cramps turned out to be a terminal illness”: the 39-year-old has six months to live

Before i cramps to the thumb then the terrible discovery: one mincurable disease of motor neurons that left her only a few months old. TOLisa Maclom-Hutton she first realized something was wrong when she started suffering from thumb cramps while combing her daughter. In 2013, after losing the use of her … Read more

Men and Women, between Ida Platano and Riccardo Guarnieri ends in tragedy: the lady risks illness!

In the episode of Men and Women, broadcast today on Canale5, Ida Platano reacts worryingly to the discount with Riccardo Guarnieri. In bet from Men and womenbroadcast today on Channel 5, Alessandro Rausa And Pinuccia they spent a few days together in Lecce but Tina Cipollari continues to argue that the lady from Vigevano is … Read more

Valentina, 38, and her illness: “I’m not haughty, I have Parkinson’s”

BELLUNO – He approaches the table: he has a slightly stiff step. Very slowly he takes off his sunglasses. And he puts the purse on the chair with more than calm gestures. Valentina Margio – Belluno, 38 years old – is not a lazy person. Behind the controlled movements is the Parkinson’s youth. “It is … Read more

«Putin operated for cancer»: new rumors about the presumed illness of the president of Russia – Open

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

An emergency hospitalization and an intervention for Vladimir Putin due to cancer. With several witnesses who tell of a deterioration in the health of the president of Russia. Also visible during the parade on May 9, when according to the sources it was possible to notice “the dragging of the leg, the crooked arm, the … Read more

Charlène of Monaco at the first event after her illness: photos with her children and Prince Albert

from Enrica Roddolo Very blond, serene with her children Jacques and Gabriella and next to a smiling Prince Albert, Charlne of Monaco on Saturday 30 April took part in the first event after her illness On Easter morning, the first shot of the regained normalcy after the illness. And of the newfound beauty of her … Read more