The latest news from the Artemis I mission: new high-definition images and videos

The latest news from the Artemis I mission new high definition

After launch of 16 November 2022the Artemis I mission is proceeding as expected, with the Orion capsule that performed in the past few hours the flyby of the moon to take advantage of the satellite’s gravitational pull and thus enter a retrograde orbit that will take it up to about 65,000 km away, further than … Read more

Loses control of car at high speed and kills | The images are terrifying –

Loses control of car at high speed and kills

A very bad accident happened, everything was filmed and it’s impossible to forget. What actually happened. In the last year, on Italian roads, we have had tens of thousands of accidents, at least 2,000 of which unfortunately were fatal. How can such tragedies continue to unfold when automakers invest millions of dollars each year in … Read more

Fedez buys a Ferrari, but he doesn’t know how to drive it: images to laugh

Fedez buys a Ferrari but he doesnt know how to

The Lombard rapper bought a new Ferrari racing car. The reaction of Fedez and Ferragni to the first defeat is all to be tasted. Those who buy a sports car are not always aware of the driving difficulties involved in a racing car of over 300 km / h. Beyond performance, even just getting into … Read more

NASA DART: Hubble Impact and James Webb Space Telescope images

NASA DART Hubble Impact and James Webb Space Telescope images

As we know a few days ago there NASA DART space probe (acronym for Double Asteroid Redirection Test) has deliberately impacted against theasteroid Dimorphos to change its orbital period. This will allow over the weeks or months to collect new data for future projects planetary defense that aim to understand how to avoid the impact … Read more

The Dart probe hit the asteroid, the first images have arrived – Science & Technology

The Dart probe hit the asteroid the first images have

They came from the Italian minisatellite LiciaCube the first images of the point where the asteroid Dimorphos was hit in the night by the Dart probe, in the planetary defense test. The images are being processed and they will be visible within the day. “We downloaded 4 images, all very interesting. The enthusiasm is skyrocketing”, … Read more

Juve-Salernitana, six questions to Rocchi. The images are there, just look at them better

Juve Salernitana six questions to Rocchi The images are there just

TURIN – It’s nobody’s fault. If anything, a camera that, damned, did not capture Candreva’s position. One day a mechanic confessed to me that when you don’t want to admit a mistake you have to throw it on the technician to confuse the interlocutor. And in fact, for two days, in order not to explain … Read more

The Orion Nebula as seen by the James Webb Space Telescope in new images

The Orion Nebula as seen by the James Webb Space

As we know, the James Webb space telescope it is continuing to capture images and data of the Universe around us. We recently wrote some pictures for example of the Tarantula Nebula that scientists will be able to analyze in the coming months to find out what is hidden behind the blanket of dust. Even … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro: this is how the ” always on ” display will work | Images

1662387667 iPhone 14 Pro this is how the always on display

The “ always on ” screen will only come on the iPhone 14 Pro and as always happens with the functionalities introduced by Apple after the Android smartphone, they will be very different and in some way customized. A touch of personalization that with the passing of the hours and as the moment approaches keynote … Read more