High blood pressure problems? The new remedies that not everyone knows and that will improve our lives

High blood pressure problems The new remedies that not everyone

You can help yourself if you suffer from hypertension thanks to some totally natural tips that are good for you in general. The condition of hypertension, also better known as high blood pressure, should never be underestimated. This, just like the low one, must always be kept under control. InformationToday – Hypertension To better understand … Read more

The settings to use to improve photos and videos on iPhone

The settings to use to improve photos and videos on

Especially during holidays, many users use their iPhone as their main camera to capture moments of happiness. The camera does great things already by default, but there are some settings that can improve photos and videos on iPhone. Some of these options are available directly in the native Camera app, while others can only be … Read more

the study of the sources can improve…

the study of the sources can improve

Rome, 13 Dec – Despite an initial formal recognition of a “historical dimension of occupational medicine in Italy” and the presence of initiatives for the “historiographic reconstruction of prevention and health and safety in the workplace”, in our country there is currently no “actual work to valorise historical sources and share the heritage of knowledge … Read more

Milan, Pioli: “Giroud is in an extraordinary moment. Leao? He can still improve”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

The AC Milan coach talks about his team’s World Cup: “Kjaer is back disappointed, Rafa is fine and happy” Stefano Pioli you can enjoy from home i World Cup 2022 and carefully observes the performance of the boys of his Milanstarting with those of Olivier Giroudfresh from winning the quarter-finals with his France team: “He’s … Read more

Scientists improve a quantum computer by creating a second time dimension with the Fibonacci sequence

Scientists improve a quantum computer by creating a second time

According to a recently published study, the Fibonacci sequence would be a possible key to lengthen the useful operating time of the qubits inside quantum computers, thus improving the performance of such devices. This would happen because, according to the scientists behind the discovery, the qubits would enter a previously unknown state in matter. … Read more

Sushi to lower blood sugar and more: here are the tricks that few people know but that improve health

Sushi to lower blood sugar and more here are the

To lower blood sugar, we know, there are several ways. But perhaps not everyone knows that there are “tricks”. In case of high blood sugar values it is appropriate to agree with doctor the most suitable therapy. But we can also exploit some properties of food to protect our health. Canva L’Hyperglycemia it is a … Read more

Blog | Menopause is not the decline of sexuality: so women can improve its effects – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog Menopause is not the decline of sexuality so

According to the metaphor that compares a woman’s life cycle to the seasonal one, the menopause is usually associated with the season ofwinter. It is attributed with anguishing and worrying connotations, because it is understood as a passage to a period of life where each woman will inevitably lose something: beauty, youth and the ability … Read more

Laundry, school and gym: so now the company can improve life

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

from Jacopo Storni Stanzani Spa is one of the five companies awarded at the Festival of Civil Economy. Among the welfare services for employees there is also an Academy and a multifunctional bonus In one hand the briefcase, in the other the bag of dirty clothes. THE employees will be able to enter the company … Read more