Approved maneuver, all the measures of the budget law: bills, basic income, pensions, families

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The 2023 maneuver is law after the green light from the Senate. The Hall of Palazzo Madama has voted its trust in the Meloni government’s Budget Law, in a version identical to the one approved by the Chamber given the very tight deadlines. The 35 billion bill allocates a large part … Read more

Maneuver 2023, ok from the House with 197 yes. Pensions, smart working, basic income: all measures

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

From the enlargement of the flat tax audience to the cut of the tax wedge, to the tightening of the Rdc, pensions and the superbonus passing through a series of usual micro-regulations. The maneuver received the go-ahead from the Chamber and passes to the Senate for the definitive go-ahead by 30 December. These are the … Read more

Bill bonus extended to another 600 thousand families. Isee, the income threshold rises to get the discount

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Aid to families with i low incomes to pay the bills they will be strengthened. In the maneuver that will be approved at the beginning of next week, the government will expand the audience of beneficiaries of the social bonus. There are still several hypotheses on the table. The first, more immediate application, is the … Read more

Basic income, universal and unconditional subsidy: this is how it works in Finland and Spain

Basic income universal and unconditional subsidy this is how it

The Basic income, which has always been a much discussed measure in our country, it is not a subsidy provided only within our borders. Even in some countries around the world solutions are being tested that go towards a universal income and unconditional: recognized to all citizens, regardless of what they do and how much … Read more

Flat-rate regime, for the flat tax the stamp charged on the customer’s invoice also makes income

Flat-rate regime, the amount of the stamp charged on the customer’s invoice, considered revenue or compensation, also enters the income subject to the flat tax. This was clarified by the Inland Revenue with the response to question no. 428 of 12 August 2022. Flat-rate schemefalls within the income for the application of the flat tax … Read more

Car incentives, the bonus increases by 50% for those with an income below 30 thousand euros

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The Government has decided to make some corrections to the car incentive structure dedicated to cars with low polluting emissions, also accepting some of the requests from trade associations. Therefore, the approval of a DPCM has arrived which introduces an extra bonus for vehicle buyers who have an income below 30,000 euros and the possibility … Read more

The “monstre” circular on income has arrived… Part 1!

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Simplification… and how not! On Thursday 7 July, with the first 730 forms widely transmitted, and well beyond the deadline for the payment of taxes without an increase of 0.4%, the Circular of the Revenue Agency was published no. 24 / E, concerning the main documents of practice relating to expenses that give the right … Read more

What is the minimum income to make the tax return and when instead the exemption from 730 is triggered

On an annual basis and respecting the deadlines set, in Italy millions of taxpayers are called upon and are obliged to submit their tax returns to the tax authorities. In this period, among other things, the 2022 reporting season is underway. On the income received in 2021. This is because millions of taxpayers including employees, … Read more