A coincidence Sabrina Ferilli’s post against the cover of Vanessa Incontrada: «Body shaming? Enough crusades “

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from Candida Morvillo The actress on Instagram against the excess of controversy (and covers) on the body: «Let’s talk about Vanessa’s work. I criticize this way of telling everything and the opposite of her “ As everyone tells it, there is Sabrina Ferilli who is fed up with the covers of Vanessa Incontrada in the … Read more

Vanessa Incontrada: “The crisis with Rossano Laurini? We are in a moment of reflection. There are those who make press releases, I have chosen silence” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Vanessa Incontrada returns to talk about her life and her work projects later the media fuss of recent months following the online publication of some stolen shots that portrayed the showgirl in costume. Today Vanessa has decided to put a stop and, being interviewed in the latest issue of Vanity Fair, it is told without … Read more

Vanessa Incontrada, photo in the gym on IG as a response to the haters

For a few days, the actress and presenter has been at the center of a debate, between body shaming and online haters. She has often been attacked for her physique but she has always fought for the body positive movement, posing naked on Vanity Fair just to bring on the covers different bodies from those … Read more

Vanessa Incontrada takes a picture of herself running and the haters attack her. Here are the absurd reasons …

The actress and TV presenter has always been a great sportswoman, but on social media they also criticize her for this … There are no limits to stupidity, nor to excessive attention to the body of women and we have had yet another demonstration with an unpleasant episode of which she was a victim Vanessa … Read more