Sanctions effect, further increases for diesel are expected. The excise duty question is destined to arise again and already in February – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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For diesel, the worst is probably yet to come. And the problem of excise duties is destined to become more heated than it already is now. Unlike petrol, which is mostly used by cars, diesel is the fuel “that moves the world”. Besides cars it powers trucks, industrial and agricultural machines as well as other … Read more

Work, large wage increases expected in the coming months. Here because

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

Wage growth in the coming quarters will be “very strong relative to trends” in the Eurozone. The affirms it European Central Bank (ECB) in an Economic Bulletin which analyzes thewage trend and its determinants since the beginning of the pandemic. The expectation of strong wage growth rests on the strength of labor markets, which so … Read more

Replacing the original battery in the iPhone, increases will start: from March 1 it will cost more

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The price increases will reach 32% and will concern all iPhone models prior to 14. iPad and MacBook will also be affected Bad news for owners iPhones, iPads and MacBooks. Apple in fact, it has decided to increase the price for replacing the original batteries, with price increases ranging from an extra 24 euros for … Read more

Eating disorders, the role of social media: “Comparison with ideal models increases the risk of disease. Girls compare weight and size to those of influencers” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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You too have noticed it and many of you have told us about your experiences: clothes are increasingly skimpy. Over the past few weeks, we at FqMagazine we have analyzed the phenomenon, trying to explain why this happens and how it is possible that the sizes shown on the clothes tags refer to measurements that … Read more

LG unveils the 2023 OLED TV range: brightness increases up to 70% and HDR recognizes objects

LG unveils the 2023 OLED TV range brightness increases up

LG presented at CES the new OLED TV range for 2023 with the A3, B3, C3, G3 and Z3 models. The G3 is the one that promises sparks, since its Brightness Booster Max feature will boost panel brightness up to 70%. This increase in brightness, only for the 55″, 65″ and 77″ sizes, however, … Read more

Gas bill, in December increases by 23.3%. In 2022, the typical family spent 1,866 euros (65% more than in 2021)

Gas bill in December increases by 233 In 2022 the

Gas bills still rising, despite the sharp drop in the price of methane from the peaks of last August. From this month, if prices remain at current levels, we will however begin to see a significant drop in the tariffs paid by families, as has already happened for electricity. In detail, based on the average … Read more

From petrol to highways, 2023 starts with price increases – Economy

From petrol to highways 2023 starts with price increases

Price increases in sight with the beginning of 2023, especially for motorists. The first increase is in fact that of the price of fuels, which for nine months now has enjoyed the reduction in excise duties decided first by the Draghi government and then confirmed, in part, also by the Meloni executive. The orientation is … Read more

Bills, green light to price increases for expired contracts: what changes with the sentence of the Council of State

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They risk increasing your gas and electricity bills. The Council of State has in fact accepted the appeal of the multiutility Iren – represented by lawyers Eugenio Bruti Liberati, Fausto Caronna and Roberto Bonsignore (Cleary Gottlieb) – against the Antitrust and in particular against the Antitrust provision which blocked the increases in electricity and gas … Read more

Dear bills, what happens to customers after the Antitrust decision on increases? Here’s what to expect and which doubts remain unresolved – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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A new chapter opens in the rebus on unilateral, upward, variations of the electricity and gas rates proposed by the companies to their own users despite the prohibition envisaged by the aid decree bis. If on the one hand give it latest measures ofAntitrust which impose the suspension of these variations on seven companies, an … Read more

Light and gas bills, the Antitrust fines 7 companies: “Unjustified increases for 2.6 million customers”

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There are about 2.66 million consumers who have suffered unjustified increases in the price of bills by the energy authorities for which the Antitrust is asking for suspension. This can be read in a note from the Authority announcing the start of seven proceedings against the main companies supplying electricity and natural gas on the … Read more