Covid. WHO: “Yes to masks indoors in crowded places regardless of the local epidemiological situation. Paxlovid also for pregnant women”. Here are the new guidelines

Masks are recommended after recent exposure to Covid, when a person has or suspects they have Covid, when a person is at high risk for severe Covid, and for anyone in a crowded, enclosed, or poorly ventilated space. Pregnant or breastfeeding women with non-severe Covid should consult their doctor about whether to take Paxlovid, given … Read more

Covid, Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends masks indoors – Health & Wellness

1673666788 Covid Kraken soon dominant in the EU and WHO recommends

Kraken extends its tentacles in Europe. Appeared in the United States, where it has already spread widely, the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant named after a legendary sea monster has crossed the Atlantic and could become dominant in the Old Continent “in the next one or two months”. This is the prediction of the European Center for … Read more

Covid, are the masks back indoors? This is why we talk about a new obligation and when it could come

There new wave autumn has now started, driven by the infections due to the variant Omicron and in particular to the sub-variant Omicron 5. Daily infections have risen to almost 60 thousand and have increased for the third consecutive week, with a growth of more than 50% in the last seven days. And for this … Read more

Yellow on the masks: “They go back indoors”. But Hope denies – Claudio Romiti

Discount assault on low cost shopping against expensive bills and

Here we go again with the smash of indoor masks. Last Tuesday the technicians of the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the Regions, prepared the draft of a very detailed circular which provided the return to the obligation of masks erga omnes, along with a whole host of additional restrictions. This one of the … Read more

Covid. Are the masks back? “If the situation worsens, reintroduce the obligation indoors”. The draft circular of the Ministry of Health. But in the evening, Minister Speranza stops everything

by Luciano Fassari A new document is ready with directions to prepare for the cold season. “Although the evolution of the pandemic is currently unpredictable, our country must prepare – for the third consecutive year – to face an autumn and a winter in which we could observe an increased health impact attributable to various … Read more

Masks indoors until June 15 on transport and for shows – Health & Wellness

Inseparable companion masks for another month and a half, until June 15, in many places indoors. The obligation to use the masks, the FFp2, remains, in fact, in local public transport and long-distance, for shows open to the public, in cinemas, theaters, entertainment venues and live music and for all sporting events and competitions that … Read more