Putin’s winter campaign: «Brothers of Ukraine, the clash was inevitable. Incoming ballistic and hypersonic missiles»

Putins winter campaign Brothers of Ukraine the clash was inevitable

“There Russia he still considers the Ukrainians a brotherly people.” The Russian president said so Vladimir Putin during a lengthy speech to the Defense Council, nearly ten months into the war in Ukraine. An operation on which Putin has no remorse, however: «We have nothing to reproach ourselves for. I say this quite responsibly. We … Read more

Why war between China and Tawain is not inevitable (although everything points to the contrary)

Why war between China and Tawain is not inevitable although

Taiwan-China tension, latest news A new record of 18 Chinese nuclear fighters fly over Taiwan. The last precedent of this type dates back to 2021 but in the last two years there have been more than a thousand raids. The crisis of the strait consolidates a situation of new normality in relations. Experts fear for … Read more

The “inevitable Crash”, the mother of crises is coming. The article by N.Roubini From Investing.com

The inevitable Crash the mother of crises is coming The

By Alessandro Albano Investing.com – Nouriel Roubini, a well-known economist and currently an emeritus professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, is famous for his pessimistic forecasts about the state of the global economy and financial markets. But this one went further, publishing on Project Syndicate an opinion piece entitled “The … Read more

The inevitable nerd gifts | If you don’t do them, your friends will be hurt – Player.it

The inevitable nerd gifts If you dont do them

If you don’t want to find yourself in December full of commitments and gifts to find, we have more than one solution for you! Especially if you want to satisfy the demanding palates of your relatives or friends who are passionate about video games. In our selection you will find some of the “evergreen” choices … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war, Wagner group website hacked. Kiev: “We have the data of the mercenaries, inevitable revenge”. Another torture chamber found in Izyum

Russia Ukraine war Wagner group website hacked Kiev We have the

It is the 209th day since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russian missiles graze the Mykolaiv nuclear power plant, the explosions occurred just 300 meters from the reactors, as stated by the Ukrainian state company Energoatom. New attacks launched near Zaporizhzhia, where it is located the site of the largest nuclear power … Read more

Lakers, goodbye coach Vogel: “An inevitable choice”. Here is who can replace him

Lakers goodbye coach Vogel An inevitable choice Here is who

Los Angeles formalizes the separation from the coach, who pays the bankruptcy season closed without even the Play-In It was Pulcinella’s secret in Los Angeles, well before the 2021-22 bankruptcy became official: Frank Vogel would not be the manager next season. Now it is also official: the Lakers and the coach who brought them the … Read more