Beware of these applications: drained thousands of accounts –

Beware of these applications drained thousands of accounts Inews24it

There are some almost invisible malware that lead us to totally dry accounts: some applications are really malicious We need to be very careful what we download from some not entirely legal links. It is true that some things entice us to such an extent that we do not pay attention to possible malware, but … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, is alarmed about her health: what is happening in these hours –

Queen Elizabeth is alarmed about her health what is happening

There is alarm about the health conditions of Queen Elizabeth II. As official sources reveal, the sovereign will not be present on 5 September for the appointment of the new minister and the “kiss of the hand” ceremony, which this time will take place in Balmoral Castle. Here because. The Platinum Jubilee ended with the … Read more

Sanremo 2023, incredible announcement: “We will do it for the anniversary” –

Sanremo 2023 incredible announcement We will do it for the

They had already announced it for some time, but now they seem to be really serious: for the anniversary they want to tread the stage of the Sanremo Festival, as competitors in the race or as guests. The Island of the Famous it was by no means an easy path for some castaways. This is … Read more

Petrol and diesel prices, the Draghi government is about to intervene: what changes –

Petrol and diesel prices the Draghi government is about to

Petrol and diesel prices, the Draghi government is about to intervene: what changes. The constant increases have forced the Executive to take the field Both the price of electricity and gas and fuel bills will be reduced even in this difficult period. Another 3.3 billion euros of public funds have been allocated to intervene. Petrol … Read more

Royal Family, William in “mourning”: this time forgetting will not be easy –

Royal Family William in mourning this time forgetting will not

For the past four years, the relationship between Lady Diana’s two sons, William and Harry, has been torn apart. This is due to a “mourning” of the Earl of Cambridge, who did not attend an important event during the Platinum Jubilee. There is a very important detail that reveals the status of the relationship between … Read more

Men and women, what a fear: former tronista feels bad live – PHOTOS –

Men and women what a fear former tronista feels bad

The former tronista of Men and Women made his fans worry when he fell ill during the live broadcast on social networks. Here is what she told her the next day, explaining what she had really happened to her. There are some tronisti to which the public grows fond of moreover. This is because the … Read more

Simona Ventura devastated by terrible mourning: “We will never forget you” – PHOTOS –

Simona Ventura devastated by terrible mourning We will never forget

Simona Ventura was overwhelmed by grief for the sudden death of a very special person, whom she had even known since 1987. Here is who she is and the promise of the presenter on her own channels social. At the end of May, Simona Ventura had shown some very private pictures and videos. She had … Read more

Al Bano shock, there is a plan to withdraw from music: “I promise you” –

Al Bano shock there is a plan to withdraw from

Al Bano made some shocking statements during a recent interview in which he also presented his world tour: are you thinking about retiring from show business? Here’s what the singer’s plan is. On 11 June in Ravarino, near Modena, Al Bano began his musical tour. As expected, her first date was a huge success. The … Read more

Antonella Clerici retires? “I don’t want to become the richest in the cemetery” –

Antonella Clerici retires I dont want to become the richest

Antonella Clerici retires? After the seasonal conclusion of your “It’s always noon” program, you wanted to take stock of your personal and professional situation. She also talked about the end of her career. Here are her words. The program Rai It is always noon closed the television season with amazing results. The last episode even … Read more