Raffaella Carrà, another chapter on inheritance opens: the car of the queen of variety is going to auction | What a luxury – Mondofuoristrada.it

Raffaella Carra another chapter on inheritance opens the car of

After a long time the case of Raffaella Carrà’s inheritance reopens. The queen of Italian television is once again making people talk about her and this time she does it with a rare jewel. She was undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of Italian television, the most influential and loved female character on the small screen. … Read more

Inheritance tax, amounts over 1,000 euros can be paid in installments

Inheritance tax amounts over 1000 euros can be paid in

Inheritance tax, the amounts notified in the liquidation notice can be paid in installments as long as they exceed the value of 1,000 euros. If the sum is up to € 20,000, it can be paid in 8 quarterly installments. If the amount is higher, the quarterly installments can reach 12. Inheritance taxthe payment of … Read more

Carlo and Camilla, the secret son now wants his share of the inheritance

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

Carlo and Camilla have a secret son, had at the beginning of their love story back in 1966. This at least is what he claims, the alleged son of the King and Queen of England. And now he wants his slice of legacy and notoriety. Carlo and Camilla, who is Simon Dorante-Day His name is … Read more

Here is who is obliged to pay inheritance tax based on these clarifications from the Revenue Agency

The Revenue Agency has provided clarifications on who are the subjects obliged to submit the declaration of succession. He did so with answer no. 296 of 2022, with which it complied with what has already been expressed by the Court of Cassation. Well, with this clarification, he specified that the obligation to submit the declaration … Read more