Ambra Angiolini responds to Silvia Slitti’s accusations: “Injured privacy and integrity”

Ambra Angiolini responds to Silvia Slittis accusations Injured privacy and

The story Silvia Slitti and Giampaolo Pazzini they decided to move to a seaside resort for a few months in 2020 and, at the same time, to rent their apartment in Milan. As tenants they chose Ambra Angiolini e Massimiliano Allegri , which at that time were still a couple. The love story ended well … Read more

What do we know about Mattia Sorbi, the Italian journalist injured in Ukraine – Il Post

What do we know about Mattia Sorbi the Italian journalist

Loading player On Thursday 8 September, the Italian media spread the news that a Milanese journalist, Mattia Sorbi, had been seriously injured on the front of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kherson: The story of how he got there and who is responsible for his injury is unclear in many respects and has been told in … Read more

Russian bombs on the Kharkiv region, three civilians injured – World

The lawyer Zuin and the bursts of scams in the

Three civilians were injured last night following a bombing by Russian forces against the town of Zmiiv, in the Kharkiv region: the chief saidof the regional military administration, Oleh Syniehubov. According to the defense headquarters, the missiles that hit Zmiiv came from that Russian territory. Yesterday afternoon the Russians had fired on civilian targets in … Read more

Montenegro, family quarrel ends in shooting: the toll is eleven dead and six injured

Montenegro family quarrel ends in shooting the toll is eleven

Massacre in Cetinje, a town in Montenegro, where a 34-year-old man killed 10 people and was then shot down. 3 days of national mourning proclaimed Posted on: 08-13-2022 09:39 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences at Sapienza and master in Digital Journalism at Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He … Read more

Lightning near the White House, dead and injured: for social media it is the “curse of Nancy Pelosi”. Video

Lightning near the White House dead and injured for social

In China there is already talk of the “Pelosi curse”, but the news is no joke: there are victims of a lightning strike near the White House Published on: 06-08-2022 13:55 WEB EDITOR He has been writing on the web for 15 years, taking his first steps as a ghost writer for small and medium-sized … Read more

Fragments of a SpaceX rocket fell to the ground in Australia, no one injured

Fragments of a SpaceX rocket fell to the ground in

In the past few days it has written extensively of the return of the first stage of a Chinese Long March 5B Y3 space rocket that had launched the Wentian laboratory module into orbit. As we know, the vector disintegrated in the skies over Malaysia and the Philippines doing no injuries or damage (at least … Read more

Copenhagen, shooting in a shopping center: victims and injured. A 22-year-old Dane is arrested

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from Silvia Morosi Gunshots were fired at Field’s Sunday. Police: “Several people were hit. We do not exclude it is an act of terrorism ». The mayor of Copenhagen: “Serious situation” IS a 22-year-old Dane the person arrested a Copenhagen near Field’s shopping center on suspicion of being responsible for the shooting this afternoon. “We … Read more

Arizona, shooting in a shopping center during a party: one dead and eight injured

1654369045 Arizona shooting in a shopping center during a party one

Another shooting in the US after the Uvalde massacre, the toll from the firefight in Arizona is one dead and eight people injured By: VirgilioNotizie | Posted on: 04-06-2022 18:59 32 More shootings in the US, still dead. This time it happened in a shopping mall of Phoenix, Arizona. Around one o’clock on the night … Read more

Shot Denmark in France, Belgium overwhelmed by Holland. Mbappé and Lukaku injured

Bleus ahead with Benzema, reached and overtaken by a brace from Cornelius. The PSG star goes out with a knee problem, but it doesn’t seem serious. The Orange dominated in Brussels 4-1: ankle knocked out for the former Nerazzurri. Croatia collapses at home (0-3) with Austria Cornelius overturns the match against France, while the “Italians” … Read more

Attacked by two crows in the center, a man injured

A phenomenon which, especially in large cities, is beginning to take on worrying dimensions: we are talking about the aggressiveness of crows that lately, in addition to throwing himself headlong on garbage cans in search of food, destroying the bags of the wet and scattering the contents in the street, they do not spare even … Read more