Biden closes on sending the F16s. But Kiev insists: ‘we need 200’ – Europe

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After the Paris opening, the United States closes the door to Kiev on fighter jets to counter the Russian invasion of Ukraine. President Joe Biden ruled out the option by responding with a resounding “no” to the question of whether he was in favor of sending F16s, immediately after announcing an upcoming trip to Poland … Read more

Ukraine, Wagner insists on Bakhmut: Chief Prigogzhin wants mines and tunnels

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

The military point 325 | For five months, the private company’s mercenaries in Ukraine have been attacking to breach the defenses around Bakhmut and the suburb of Soledar, the epicenter of the battle Evgeny Prigozhin wants conquer the tunnels of Bakhmut, an extensive net used for salt and chalk mines but with military value. The … Read more

Gas, Von der Leyen to Putin: “Import from Moscow reduced to 9%”. And he insists on the roof. Erdogan: “The West provokes Moscow, that’s not correct” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Gas Von der Leyen to Putin Import from Moscow reduced

No fear. The message from the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenit is clear and is aimed at all citizens of theEuropean Union. While Vladimir Putin speak fromEastern Economic Forum from Vladivostok threatening him definitive stop to Russian gas and oil towards the EU in case of price ceilingas well as hypothesizing … Read more