Insomnia, an increasingly widespread problem: a new drug promises more effective solutions

1675262196 Insomnia an increasingly widespread problem a new drug promises more

Insomnia is a discomfort for millions of Italians, in fact, according to estimates, 20% of the population suffers from it. But there is a new cure. Today those who suffer from this serious condition, which undermines the quality of life, will have more hope thanks to Research. InformationToday By insomnia, in fact, we obviously do … Read more

Insomnia: the 7 perfect remedies for Christmas and beyond, always peaceful nights –

Insomnia the 7 perfect remedies for Christmas and beyond always

Insomnia is a problem that afflicts many Italians. But during the holidays the times are alter and insomnia can definitely get worse. During the holidays just being late and doing revelry can push towards insomnia even many Italians who normally do not suffer from this disorder. If you go to bed too late, falling asleep … Read more

Do you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to fall asleep? Maybe bananas are the secret to getting back to sleep well

Do you suffer from insomnia or find it hard to

In collaboration with the Dr. Silvia Soligon Nutritionist biologist Perhaps you sleep little. Or go to bed, close your eyes for a few hours and then stay awake staring at the ceiling without being able to fall asleep anymore. Don’t worry: it happens. Suffer from insomnia it is a very widespread condition that affects approx … Read more

Insomnia, the reason why you can’t sleep easily solved

Insomnia the reason why you cant sleep easily solved

The cause of insomnia can be a habitual practice whose dangerousness is ignored. Knowing it you can sleep peacefully. Not being able to sleep without understanding why can freak out. However, solving the problem is often easier than you think. Adobe Stock Spend the nights with eyes open staring at the ceiling failing to fall … Read more

Insomnia in menopause: melatonin yes or no? Is it true that Vitamin D deficiency makes sleep worse? – iO Woman

Insomnia in menopause melatonin yes or no Is it true

Linsomnia mainly affects women. At least 50% suffer from it in different forms: some are late in falling asleep, others have frequent awakenings during the night, others have easy awakening because they are “always alert”. Still others wake up very early and then during the day are tired, exhausted, and their quality of life suffers … Read more

Because insomnia occurs at a certain age: here is the answer that will amaze you

With advancing age comes insomnia: according to doctors this is a fact of which we must take note. The quality of sleep seems to worsen as a result of a series of wrong behaviors that we have accumulated over the years and of which we struggle to free ourselves permanently. But the cause could also … Read more

We will sleep better at night thanks to this relaxing drink that would reduce insomnia but also anxiety and stomach problems

The heat we are suffering these days can cause various health problems. Many people complain to doctors of problems of exhaustion, fatigue and weakness, due precisely to the temperatures of the period. Also for this reason, as every year, the requests for supplements and restoratives have increased. Not to mention the effect produced on our … Read more

If we suffer from insomnia and nocturnal awakenings we should eat this fruit rich in melatonin and antioxidants useful against muscle fatigue

Many people suffer from insomnia and nocturnal awakenings, two conditions that put a strain on the nervous system and also the immune system. In fact, it is not uncommon for those suffering from insomnia to present muscle weakness and various recurrent ailments more frequently. Lack of sleep, moreover, is one of the main causes of … Read more

Beware of insomnia, sadness and difficulty concentrating as they could be a wake-up call for this disorder

Being worried or feeling anxious about stressful situations or events is absolutely physiological. We are human beings and, as such, we experience the most varied emotions depending on the context in which we find ourselves. Fear is an instinctive emotion, so much so that even animals feel it. But when these emotions get out of … Read more

Headache combined with insomnia and nervousness could be caused not by iron deficiency anemia but by another almost unknown caused by the lack of these vitamins

One of the fears of entire past generations: anemia, due obviously to eating habits. Indeed, rather, to food shortages. Usually classical iron deficiency anemia did not allow the body to produce enough hemoglobin. That is, the protein that binds oxygen and red blood cells inside the blood, then transporting the oxygen to the muscles, organs … Read more