Did the Ugandan president’s son threaten to invade Kenya on Twitter? – The post

The President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, he apologized with Kenya for some very controversial tweets made by his eldest son, General Muhoozi Kainerugaba: in the posts Kainerugaba commented on the internal politics of Kenya, a country that borders the eastern part of Uganda, and seemed to threaten to want to invade it. Kainerugaba is 48 … Read more

Persona games invade Xbox, Game Pass, PS5 and PC, also in Italian

Persona games invade Xbox Game Pass PS5 and PC also

Amid rumors, inadvertent quotes and suspicious tweets from Atlus itself, the developer’s willingness to bring Persona 5 Royal on other platforms was now evident. After testing the waters with Persona 4 Golden, which only landed on Steam on 13 June 2020, the western division of Atlus took advantage of the recent Xbox & Bethesda Games … Read more

Is China preparing to invade Taiwan? Emergency anti-sanctions meeting alarms the West

Is China preparing to invade Taiwan Emergency anti sanctions meeting alarms

Ward off or prevent heavy sanctions at the China in case of invasion of Taiwan. This would be the key to emergency meeting of Chinese regulatory authorities, which took place on April 22, including officials from the central bank, the ministry of finance, national banks operating within the country and international credit institutions such as … Read more

Ukrainian media: “Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and take Transnistria” – Open

Ukrainian media Russia has a plan to invade Moldova and

According to reports from some Ukrainian media, Russia would have ready an attack plan against Moldova that would repeat the Donbass scheme. The Ukrainian intelligence sources cited by Suspiline e other Ukrainian media they argue that there are a number of indicators that suggest an attack on the state that hosts the Transnistrian region and … Read more