Piazza Affari, Tim, Enel, banks: where to invest while waiting for the new government

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

The craziest autumn of the century. This could be a title to describe the month that has just begun that has left behind the worst first 9 months of the year, since the beginning of the century, for all the main financial markets. The last quarter of 2022 is not born under the best auspices: … Read more

Btp, yields towards 5%: how to invest? Inflation, coupons, prices and the risks to avoid

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

BTPs have become the great puzzle for the investment choices of Italian families. Give in to the lure of yields that are close to 5%, and which could grow further, or stay away from emissions that have accumulated losses in less than a year sometimes higher than 20%? And how to reconcile the defense of … Read more

Ferraris: «We will invest 190 billion in infrastructures and technologies. The challenge? Modernizing the country “

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

There are not many companies in the world that are preparing to launch an investment plan of over 190 billion euros within the next 10 years. One of these companies is Italian. And around that plan, which represents anything but the continuation of what has been done up to now, much of the national game … Read more