Do you know who Vera Gemma is? Age, Boyfriend, Father, Island, Husband and Children – Back Cover

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Vera Gem, screenwriter and Italian film actress, is born to Rome 50 years does (Gem, 2018). Despite is daughter from an established actor, Giuliano Gemma, Vera Gemma has carved out a distinct path as a playwright. Vera Gemma was on Survivor 2021 and is now engaged to Jeda, a musical producer 22 years old . … Read more

Return to Monkey Island, la recensione della parabola finale di Guybrush Threepwood

Return to Monkey Island la recensione della parabola finale di

Come deve essere tornare dopo più di trent’anni su qualcosa che credevi di esserti lasciato definitivamente alle spalle, pur non avendoci mai rinunciato davvero? Riprendere una storia che non credevi sarebbe mai stata più tua e a cui altri hanno lavorato mettendoci del loro per fartela rimpiangere? Nel corso degli anni molti si sono fatti … Read more

iPhone 14 Pro visto dal vivo. Chi ha pensato la Dynamic Island è un genio

iPhone 14 Pro visto dal vivo Chi ha pensato la

Tutto come da copione. L’iPhone 14 è un attenta e bilanciata evoluzione dell’iPhone 13 dello scorso anno, con l’aggiunta della versione Max da 6.7″ per chi vuole un grande schermo ma non vuole necessariamente il modello più costoso. Uno smartphone capace di mantenere alcuni elementi del telefono che va a sostituire, come il processore A15 … Read more

Return to Monkey Island: intervista a Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman e Rex Crowle, gli autori del gioco

Return to Monkey Island intervista a Ron Gilbert Dave Grossman

Su una cosa, Ron Gilbert è sempre stato irremovibile. Se mai fosse tornato a lavorare su un nuovo Monkey Island lo avrebbe fatto alle sue condizioni, assieme a un editore che non avrebbe interferito con la sua visione creativa. “Sono stato chiaro fin dall’inizio che non avrei voluto intralci da parte di Devolver o di … Read more

Return to Monkey Island is the most anticipated game of September 2022

Return to Monkey Island is the most anticipated game of

Editors and readers converge in celebrating the return of a myth: Return to Monkey Island is the most anticipated game of September 2022! We are now close to the end of the summer, but this also means the return to the most lively period of the videogame market, as demonstrated by this rich September 2022, … Read more

China, 80,000 tourists blocked on the island of Hainan for the lockdown: flights canceled due to a Covid outbreak

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The Beijing authorities have canceled flights from the seaside resort of Sanya: 5 negative tests are required to leave Posted on: 07-08-2022 23:10 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Professional journalist since 2017, I write about economic and political news and current affairs, I have always been interested in social and sports issues. Passionate about music, I have had … Read more

The gym, the carpenter’s job and that long-dreamed trip to Pag. That’s who Andrea was, who died on the island of fun

RAIN OF SACK – Andrea Bellingardo he would have celebrated his twentieth birthday on August 20. A lively, life-loving young man who believed in friendship. A leader in the group, but never over the top. He loved motorcycles, sports, travel and adventure. A person with his head on his shoulders in spite of his young … Read more

Island of the Famous, Pamela Petrarolo comments on couples and castaways: “All theaters …”

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Pamela Petrarolo freewheeling on the island of the famous. Interviewed on Radio Radio microphones “It won’t happen anymore”, the former castaway spoke extensively about her adventure in Honduras and about some castaways with whom she shared the adventure. Speaking of the difficult trials she had to face, Pamela said: «Neither did … Read more

Return to Monkey Island: Some gamers have proven to be pacifier babies

Return to Monkey Island Some gamers have proven to be

Educational purposes. My son is three years old and he is in that terrible phase where he loves to watch the same cartoon over and over. He will have made me see all the episodes of the two series of Bluey on Disney + (whose authors understand game design more than most gamers, this must … Read more

Island of the Famous, Edoardo Tavassi spills the bag: “Here is the whole truth about my retirement”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Edoardo Tavassi takes stock of his journey to L’Isola dei Famosi and reveals the truth about his injury in Honduras. Edoardo Tavassi was one of the undisputed protagonists of the sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous. A few days from the the finalwhich saw the triumph of Nicolas Vaporidis, the brother of Guendalina … Read more