From France to the USA, the reactions of foreign leaders to the Italian elections

Listen to the audio version of the article The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has launched an appeal to Rome to “continue working together”, as countries that are “neighbors and friends” and as “Europeans”. The Italian people – Macron observed – «made a democratic and sovereign choice. We respect it ». And why shouldn’t France be … Read more

The stock exchanges today, September 26th. Spreads and BTP yields rise after the Italian vote

The stock exchanges today September 26th Spreads and BTP yields

MILAN – After the Italian vote, with the massive success of the center-right coalition and the affirmation of the Brothers of Italy, lo spread between BTP and Bund Germans, a thermometer of the reliability that the markets attribute to Italy, expands to 236 basis points. Even more salt the ten-year yield tricolor, reaching 4.46% on … Read more

Carbon dioxide is missing, famous Italian brewery closes the plant – and it is not the only one

1664153498 Carbon dioxide is missing famous Italian brewery closes the plant

A famous Italian brewery closes due to a lack of carbon dioxide. However, the crisis is affecting the whole world. The large industries who use the Co2 they are beginning to suffer from the lack of this element. Fundamental to produce several things, including sparkling water and beer. Canva Incredibly we’re getting to that too. … Read more

Russian embassy posts photos of Putin with Italian politicians: “We have to remember”

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Three days after the vote, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Italy has published on its social networks a photo gallery showing President Vladimir Putin during institutional meetings with many Italian politicians under the caption with an ironic intent: “From the recent history of Russian relations- Italians. We have some to remember “. The … Read more

Italian, Jovic and Torreira: three cases. On the coach too much poison

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

The usual editorial by Enzo Bucchioni which is published every Tuesday and Thursday at midnight. Hot topics about the purple world Enzo Bucchioni September 22 – Florence I am not absolutely surprised, it was not the first and it will certainly not be the last time that exaggerated and useless controversies arise around Fiorentina. The … Read more

The relaunch of a historic Italian car brand

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

A glorious brand of Italian motorsport is ready to make a comeback thanks to the relaunch operation implemented in the last period. Let’s talk about OSCA., acronym of the iconic Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili, which since 1947 has written important pages in the history of Italian motoring, becoming, within a few years, a reference point … Read more

Stop to production: historic Italian water off the shelves

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The lack of carbon dioxide affects an Italian symbol of sparkling water: the Sanpellegrino plant, in the municipality of the same name in the province of Bergamo, stopped production for two days due to the lack of Co2. Due to the blocking of the machinery, the 440 employees of the Rustino bottling plant in the … Read more

Enotria The Last Song: we tried Project Galileo, the Italian souls

Enotria The Last Song we tried Project Galileo the Italian.webp

“Summer-Soul” is certainly a captivating definition. A declaration of intent, a representationconcise but effective, of what embodies the atmosphere of Enotria: The Last Song, the final name of the game until now was known as Project Galileo. The colors of summer, those warm and anxious of life, paint a world that instead of life has … Read more

One of the most beautiful Italian cars of all time abandoned in a garage: the discovery is shocking –

One of the most beautiful Italian cars of all time

It is one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever and unfortunately it did not end well. A vehicle that has thrilled millions of motorists ended up like any other wreck: the details. It is one of the most beautiful Italian cars ever, capable of thrilling millions of enthusiasts and motorists over the years, also … Read more