No parking even on foot, article 109 of the CdS is a blow for Italians | Fines are arriving –

No parking even on foot article 109 of the CdS

Not only do cars have to be very careful where they park, now you have to check where you are even when you’re on foot. Few know this rule but on foot, the parking ban really exists. Park in someone’s driveway, on the crosswalks or on the parking spaces reserved for some protected category even … Read more

LIVE Italy-Switzerland 5-9, LIVE women’s curling European Championships: the Italians are defeated, the final for the bronze medal tomorrow at 2 pm

La legge di Pecco Bagnaia come Rossi come Agostini come

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE 14.41: The appointment with the Azzurri is for tomorrow at 14, the appointment with the Azzurri for tonight at 20 with the semi-final against Scotland. Thanks for following us and good afternoon! 14.40:, Italy has paid for a little inexperience in playing matches of this level but has shown … Read more

Dear Petrol, great news for the Italians: the Government’s decision

Dear Petrol great news for the Italians the Governments decision

Excellent news for Italians, as far as expensive gasoline is concerned. The government’s decision comes at a delicate moment, the details. In the past, expensive fuel has hardly made itself felt like in 2022. A year, which is about to end, really complicated from the point of view of taxes and various increases. Every motorist … Read more

Cimo-Fesmed: “Dear Italians, do not get sick because soon there will be no more doctors to treat you”

Federation doctors (Anpo-Ascoti, Cimo, Cimop and Fesmed) are clamoring for “more funds for health in the next Budget Law” to prevent “the dismantling of hospitals and local medicine”. Then the appeal to the population: “Let’s defend public health together, we are losing an inestimable wealth” 08 NOV – ‚ÄúDear Italians, try not to get sick … Read more

Here is the most ‘disgusted’ car by Italians: you can’t imagine what car it is –

Here is the most disgusted car by Italians you cant

It entered the ranking of the ugliest cars for the Sole24Ore of 2008 and many Italians have snubbed it. History of a failure already written. That’s what vehicle it is. Objectively, from the aesthetic side it could not be called a beautiful car. Born from a 1980 agreement between Alfa and Nissansigned by the Japanese … Read more

Higher bills due to the former Ilva, the Italians will pay the debts

Italian families will risk pay higher bills this winter due toex Ilva of Taranto. The Steelworks of Italy they indeed have a sword of Damocles hanging over the supplies of gas because of a debt beyond 300 million euros with the company Eniwhich has already stopped supplying gas to the largest steel plant in Italy. … Read more

Energy emergency, from today comes the turning point on gas: for Italians a breath of fresh air –

Energy emergency from today comes the turning point on gas

With the rise in prices, you no longer know how to reduce consumption? Thanks to this valve you can save on lowering the price of your bills. The rise in prices puts a strain on Italians, who find themselves paying exorbitant prices on their bills. A further rise in energy costs is expected in the … Read more

Carovita, in Europe the British and Italians are the most dissatisfied. “Extreme poverty is growing in the UK” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Carovita in Europe the British and Italians are the most

The majority of Europeans are dissatisfied with how their governments are managing the high cost of living, and the less happy we are. we Italians, together with the British. 82% of those living in Italy and the UK believe that measures to cope with the loss of purchasing power are inadequate, against the78% of Germans, … Read more

Tax credit: how to help Italians without increasing the debt

Tax credit how to help Italians without increasing the debt

Increase in government bond yields, collapse of financial markets, increase in energy costs, reduction in domestic demand, bankruptcy of small and medium-sized enterprises, consequent banking crisis, economic recession, reduction in tax revenues, increase in public debt and interest costs. I don’t know if the list is complete, however there is already enough to realize the … Read more

The list of the least reliable cars ever: these are to be avoided absolutely | There are also some Italians –

The list of the least reliable cars ever these are

If you love cars, these are not for you. On the web, a well-known site hosts a list of famous cars for a decidedly less flattering reason: in the middle there are also many Italian cars, unfortunately for us. A car does not always become memorable for its excellent construction qualities or for the success … Read more