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Child Jesus the right of parents to choose if incurable

Parents of a sick child who is unable to recover “have the right to choose. It cannot be a law that imposes on them, for substantially economic reasons, that their child can no longer live “. Mariella said this. Enoc, president of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospitalspeaking at the conference “The child with incurable disease. … Read more

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from Clarida Salvatori An innovative system that allows the organ to be transported at 5 degrees and thus avoids the risk of freezing. The baby is fine and has already been discharged Small. And light, just 60 grams. Nevertheless able to save the life of a child who had been hospitalized for months. All ‘Bambino … Read more

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from Valerio Cappelli “Non-ideological series, I respect the family, there is no forgiveness but not even hatred”. Treacherous Andreotti, “bipolar” Cossiga. The DC statesman thanks the BRs for saving his life. “The daughter thinks no one should talk about her father, I disagree” CANNES Aldo Moro carries the cross like Jesus, with all the notables … Read more