110 percent bonus, jobs started and never finished: 15 people scammed. “70 thousand euros of phantom tax credit”

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

MESTRE – There are those who found the house with half plaster with the coat and half demolished, interrupted just as the facade began to have a new look. Who the scaffolding assembled and then abandoned for months, who the new boiler, purchased with the mirage of energy saving, installed but not working and who … Read more

Steve Jobs, the man who changed the whole world with his Apple

Steve Jobs the man who changed the whole world with

The road to becoming a legend is full of pitfalls, gear changes, strenuous climbs, brief moments of glory and steep descents into the deepest abyss. If we were to describe the career of Steve Jobs with an image, this would resemble the most classic roller coaster: given up for adoption by his biological mother, the … Read more

From the Gospel according to the Fed, here is the multiplication of double jobs for you

The US job market runs in July: the non-farm payrolls data beat all expectations with a robust +528,000, a number that brought the unemployment rate to 3.5%. And Wall Street on a pause from the rally, depressed by the implicit consequence of a similar confirmation from Main Street: the bullish rate cycle can continue, so … Read more

Jobs 110: what happens if you sell your house before you recover everything

Paolo Fox horoscope today Thursday 4 August 2022 the ranking

In recent years they have undoubtedly been the most used facilities by Italian taxpayers who had to fix up the house. And they were also the most important tools for relaunching sectors notoriously in crisis such as the construction sector, or the maintenance of buildings. We speak of course about tax bonuses on home renovations. … Read more

Ikea hires, looks for employees throughout Italy: jobs for 3500 euros

Ikea hires looks for employees throughout Italy jobs for 3500

In a time of black crisis, good news arrives. Ikea hires, looks for employees throughout Italy: it has opened new positions that range in different fields. The search for new units to be employed in Italy by Ikea also provides for jobs that allow you to earn up to 3,500 euros. Ikea recruitment – Nanopress.it … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti: ¬ęDaughter of? I lost jobs because of this. But it’s great that my friends are back “

from Renato Franco Tuesday leads on Italia 1 Love Mi, the concert conceived by Fedez: My problem that I never feel up to, I have the impostor syndrome Double daughter of art, her destiny to be preceded by the shadow of her parents: a privilege or a burden? A privilege because you are lucky enough … Read more

It will be the largest park in Europe and there will be 3,500 hires for various jobs and professional figures

In the wake of the large investments in new projects, which led to the large companies to expand and to seek the best team possible through new hires, PNRR is also contributing to this exponential growth. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan was developed by the Italian State in order to facilitate, through funds, companies … Read more

EU stock exchanges attempt recovery, focus on US jobs and Opec + meeting

Positive EU stock exchanges Milan in the wake of

Listen to the audio version of the article (Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – They try to recover, without much conviction, the European indices, after two sessions in the red with inflation that has returned to scare the markets. After the alarm from Jp Morgan’s number one Dimon on the economy, the closing in the … Read more