Ukraine, Biden evokes nuclear Armageddon: “Putin is not joking” | But the White House holds back

Ukraine Biden evokes nuclear Armageddon Putin is not joking

What way out for Putin? – The successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the south-east are a source of satisfaction for Biden, but at the same time some concern. “We are trying to understand what Putin’s way out might be,” said the US president. Adding that the Russian “is not joking when he talks about … Read more

Biden: “If China invades Taiwan we will use military force, Beijing is joking with fire”

The US president spoke about the situation in the Pacific during his visit to Japan, in what appears to be a change in the policy of strategic ambiguity. Reverse the White House: our policy is the same. Beijing: Washington do not underestimate our determination United States President Joe Biden he said that Washington ready to … Read more

PlayStation Plus: Laughing and joking it really looks like Sony’s Game Pass

PlayStation Plus Laughing and joking it really looks like Sonys

Do you play on day one yes or no? Do you sacrifice investments by putting them there? Is it a sustainable model? All talk that melted like snow in the sun when we saw the line-up of the Extra and Premium tiers of PlayStation Plus which, laughing and joking, really looks like the Game Pass … Read more