Kao the Kangaroo Review: kangaroos to the rescue

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Created by the Polish studio Tate Multimedia, Kao the Kangaroo he is one of several characters who in the early 2000s tried repeatedly to ascend to the status of icons. Unfortunately, the cute kangaroo never reached the popularity obtained by Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon, nevertheless the platform he was the protagonist of was … Read more

Kao the Kangaroo, the review of a 3D plaform that looks to the past

Trek to Yomi and Kao the Kangaroo are the most

The past of video games is full of characters now in mothballs, who have been the protagonists of a handful of titles with moderate appeal and have since been forgotten. Many were not even making negative results, but not numbers that could withstand the exponential increase in production costs that have occurred in recent years. … Read more