It ended badly for Katia Ricciarelli, a situation that got out of hand to the point of violence | photo

It ended badly for Katia Ricciarelli a situation that got

A truly extreme situation that experienced by Katia Ricciarelli who has not been able to withstand the emotional stress coming to raise her hands. We have all come to know Katia Ricciarelli in recent years thanks to her participation in various reality shows where she has laid bare showing us the different facets of her … Read more

Goodbye Katia Ricciarelli, ‘literally paved’ | we will not see it again

Goodbye Katia Ricciarelli literally paved we will not see

Bad news for Katia Ricciarelli: her presence is questioned and has not been confirmed. What really happened? Katia Ricciarelli, stage name of Catiuscia Maria Stella RicciarelliIt is one of sopranos that have elevated Italian lyric and opera all over the world, bringing music and its interpretation in major theaters. Known for her beautiful voice, Katia … Read more

The Scandinavian model of Luca and Katia: “In the salon we only work 4 days a week”

TREVISO – Working “alone” four days a weekkeeping remuneration unchanged. The “Scandinavian model” arrives in Treviso. An absolute novelty, not only for the world of hairdressersthe one put in place by Maziby hair salon and spa in via Campana, in the city center. The show, which he has seen in partnership for about 30 years … Read more