Ketogenic diet, let’s clarify: “It takes advantage of the mechanism that makes us survive famines, that’s why it makes us lose weight so quickly” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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There is a proliferation of pseudo-experts, influencers who recommend slimming diets of all kinds. The most popular one is certainly the high-protein diet which minimizes or completely eliminates the consumption of carbohydrates in the face of high amounts of protein food. The danger is that such proposals, not offered by specialists, can cause serious damage … Read more

Ketogenic diet, what it is and what are the side effects

Ketogenic diet what it is and what are the side

There ketogenic diet it is a diet that, drastically reducing carbohydrates and replacing them with fats and proteins, induces the body to produce glucose independently. The latter, a monosaccharide, among other functions increases the energy consumption of fats contained in adipose tissue. Literally, “ketogenic diet” means “diet that produces.” chetonic bodies“, ie three compounds present … Read more

Ketogenic diet: how this diet works that makes you lose weight in a few days

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The ketogenic diet is a particular diet that includes low carbohydrates but fats, and is effective for regaining health. Basically, an ideal solution to streamline and eliminate critical points while consuming a quantity of food that does not make the typical constraints of a low-calorie diet weigh too much. Foods that contain carbohydrates are therefore … Read more