Ukrainian war, Wagner: «Conquered the Ukrainian city of Soledar». Kremlin: there is no prospect of peace talks

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2023-01-11 11:26:40 Ukraine decree approved by the Senate: new military aid With 125 votes in favor, 28 against and 2 abstentions, the Ukraine decree was approved by the Senate. The provision, which extends the transfer of military materials to Ukraine until 31 December 2023, will pass to the Chamber for the final ok. As sources … Read more

Bombs on Kiev, the Kremlin: “No truce at Christmas”

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

from Lorenzo Cremona The Army returns to fire on the capital Kiev but the anti-aircraft defense thwarts many attacks. And now the American Patriots could come FROM OUR REPORTERODESSA – The Russian General Staff returns to fire on the Kiev region and its civilian infrastructure. “There will be no Christmas truce,” they announce from the … Read more

Zelensky calls for more weapons from the G7. The Kremlin says no to Parolin – Europe

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A confrontation between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky to end the war at the moment seems like a science fiction hypothesis. On the contrary. The conflict would end if the tsar died, the Ukrainian leader explained with disarming sincerity in an interview with American anchorman David Letterman. Certainly Kiev can continue to count on the … Read more

Ukraine, live – Peskov: “Kremlin rejects US conditions: they recognize annexed territories”. Putin to Scholz: “Destructive Western policies” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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2 Dec 2022 1:06 pm Kadyrov: “Pope sows hatred and discord” “The Pope, spiritual guide of millions of Catholics, should have used a more peaceful rhetoric instead of sowing hatred and inter-ethnic discord among peoples”. Thus, on Telegram, the Chechen commander Ramzan Kadyrov returns to the words of the Pontiff on the greater cruelty of … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – UN: “Protection in the EU for 4.7 million refugees”. Kremlin: “The Vatican is in favor of mediation, but Kiev is not” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ukraine live coverage UN Protection in the EU for

Nov 28, 2022 1:36 pm Kiev: “Suicide if Minsk enters the war” If Belarus, yielding to pressure from Moscow, were to decide to go to war against Ukraine, this would result in “suicide”. This is the warning launched by Andriy Yusov, spokesman for the intelligence of Kiev, according to which the information that Moscow and … Read more

A poisoning as a Kremlin warning to Lukashenko?

A poisoning as a Kremlin warning to Lukashenko

The Belarusian foreign minister died suddenly a few hours after meeting with his counterpart from Fly, Lavrov. The government that does not provide any details on its disappearancewhile rumors are circulating about its possible poisoning as a “warning” of Putin to persuade Lukashenko to fight alongside the Russians, in Ukraine. The death of Vladimir Makey … Read more

Ukraine, live coverage – Kremlin: “We are not asking for a regime change in Kiev”. Aiea: “The key structures of the Zaporizhzhia plant are intact” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Nov 21, 2022 10:28 PM NATO declares Russia a terrorist state. And he calls for more weapons for Kiev The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has declared the Russia a “terrorist state“he urged allies to increase military support to Kiev and to work towards the establishment of a special international tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression … Read more

Live Ukraine – Kremlin: “We will achieve our goals, but we are not aiming for regime change”. Kiev: “The Russian army bombs Kherson” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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Nov 21, 2022 3:42 pm Russian Atomic Agency: “Zaporizhzhia at risk of nuclear accident” The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is “at risk of a nuclear accident”. This was stated by the managing director of the Russian state atomic energy company Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, quoted by Interfax. “The plant is exposed to the risk of a … Read more

Ukraine, live – Kremlin: “Open to negotiations, but Kiev bans them by law”. Ukraine: “120 missiles left in Moscow, agreement with Iran closed” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

7 Nov 2022 13:59 Filorussi: evacuation from Kherson completed The last civilian ship left the city of Kherson to land on the left bank of the Dnepr. This was announced on Telegram by Kirill Srtemousov, deputy governor of the pro-Russian administration of the region, as reported by Tass. Srtemousov said the organized evacuation of the … Read more

The Kremlin accuses London: ‘He directed and coordinated the attack on Nord Stream’ – World

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Medvedev: “Ready to use nuclear power for annexed regions”. “The West pushes the world towards a global war, only the Russian victory is a guarantee against the world war”. Dmitri Medvedev writes on Telegram, adding: the West keeps repeating that “Russia cannot be allowed to win. What does this mean? If Russia does not win, … Read more