The economics of lack of attention | Fiorello’s twentieth-century jokes remind us of the time when we didn’t subcontract neurons to likes –

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

“Do you know what they say at the Red Cross? “It’s like shooting on the Democratic Party”». I highly recommend, if you have weeks of hell where, if you feel like crying, you arrange to cry in the shower so your face is washed by the time you’re done, that you pay close attention to … Read more

There is a lack of general practitioners and the urgent decree flops. Interns refuse places in deficient areas

Things are slightly better in the province of Udine, but these are still very low numbers, especially when compared with the size of the emergency, which according to industry experts will get worse in the coming months and years. In the province of Pordenone, however, the share is close to zero. Testimony of help that … Read more

Tumors, «here is the pandemic of young adults». Nutrition, (lack of) sleep and alcohol: cancer boom unveiled in new study

Listeria in burrata and pancakes the food products indicated to

A new count in the registers of tumors of 44 countries found that the incidence of “cancer early“ it is rapidly increasing for colorectal and 13 other cancers: many of these affect the digestive system, and this increase is occurring in people of lower and lower age groups. And it grows … Read more

Federsanità Anci Umbria and Perugia Order of Doctors at work due to lack of general medicine doctors

A meeting was held where it was decided to draw up a common document to be presented to the institutional tables of competence (UNWEB) Perugia, – To undertake a joint action involving the various institutional levels to try to solve the problem of the shortage of General Practitioners, a very important issue in … Read more

Harry, frost falls with Meghan Markle: “Clear lack of affection”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Something broke between Meghan Markle and Harry. And to say this this time are not Palazzo gossips but some body language experts who have read clear signs of crisis in the couple. Above all, the Prince betrayed himself by showing a clear intolerance towards his wife, moreover under the eyes of millions of people during … Read more

Aid decree ter, the Budget Office rejects the government report to Parliament: “There is a lack of relevant information on the economic situation” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

In relation sent by Parliament to the government to ask for the go-ahead to resort to debt to finance the (postponed several times) Aid decree ter “Are missing relevant information on the macroeconomic and public finance framework for the current and subsequent years “, for which” at the moment it is not possible to provide … Read more

Elisabetta, the announcement of death and the shocking scene behind the conductor: “How disgusting, total lack of respect”

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

The announcement of the death of the Queen Elizabeth will forever represent a historic moment for BBC. In fact, public television in the United Kingdom was the first to break the news, and did so thanks to the mastery of the host Huw Edwards. The attention of many viewers, however, was … Read more

Lack of strength, persistent migraines, vision problems and sudden tingling could be the alarm bells of this severe disease

Headaches, vision problems, difficulty smiling and staying focused are just some of the symptoms that can indicate the presence of a stroke. Stroke, also known by the scientific name of cerebral ischemia, is a disease affecting the blood vessels that supply the brain. Stroke is caused by a sudden closure or rupture of a vessel, … Read more