Lancia: the elegance of design in the electric future

The future of Lancia, linked to electric cars, will be an opportunity to relaunch one of the historic brands of the Italian automotive industry. From its roots, a path will draw inspiration which, through elegance and beauty, will expand the offer of vehicles from 2024 to 2028 Thomas Marcoli November 29th – Venaria Reale (TO) … Read more

Lancia, beauty and elegance: here is the manifesto for the future

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

A FIRST TASTE – It’s too early to tell what face the Throw of tomorrow. But a first glimpse of the style cornerstones around which the designers will shape the shapes of the models to come is served. In the enchanting setting of the Reggia di Venaria, on the outskirts of Turin, today the Turin … Read more

Lancia Delta and Cupra Formentor VZ5, the four-wheel drive challenge

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

Two cars at the antipodes, characterized by a common thread: they are compact cars at the peak of performance in their respective eras. The merit also goes to the four-wheel drive, this is how it has evolved in almost forty years James Ruben Martini November 24th Once upon a time there was the sports compact. … Read more

Four new 2022-2023 Stellantis group SUVs, from Fiat to Jeep via Lancia and Alfa Romeo

Four new 2022 2023 Stellantis group SUVs from Fiat to Jeep

The Stellantis group has approved the start of production of 3 new small size SUVs based on the CMP platform (ex-PSA) for Jeep, Fiat and a third brand which should be Alfa Romeo. To which to add the reinterpretation of the Lancia Ypsilon which could take the form of a model with a raised driving … Read more

Lancia: the icons of yesterday will be revived in the models of tomorrow

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RENAISSANCE LAUNCHES – The title chosen by the Turin-based company to inaugurate the journey that will lead it to launch three completely new models by 2028 smells of Italy. And it is a clear homage to the Italian creative genius that Lancia has been able to instill in its cars, some of which have become … Read more

What are the Lancia Ypsilon models that should be bought now according to the various needs

What are the Lancia Ypsilon models that should be bought

It is the only Lancia left in the catalog and it is perhaps for this reason that the Ypsilon is a model that is extremely well looked after and proposed in several variants. Small cars dominate the new car market in Italy, where buyers are loyal to Italian brands. Fiat Panda is the best-selling car … Read more

Nuova Lancia Aurelia 2022-2023, il Suv tanto atteso prende sempre pi forma

All’inizio dell’anno Stellantis ha annunciato con un certo clamore il rilancio di Lancia, caduta nelle sue mani dopo la fusione tra Fiat-Chrysler e PSA. Un ritorno previsto per il 2024, attraverso la sostituzione dell’attuale Yspilon, in attesa dell’introduzione di un modello piĆ¹ ambizioso, determinato a riposizionare con onore il marchio nel segmento premium. E questo … Read more

Lancia Stratos HF Zero, the prototype that became a legend

At the time of the Lancia Stratos, people dressed in high-collared shirts and bell-bottoms. It was the seventies and some of the cars that would have written history were circulating on the roads. HF Zero was a unique “piece” that inspired the creation of one of the greatest reasons for the pride of Made in … Read more