Bitter land, bitter end of the season: Gulten and Saniye lose their lives – newsby

Bitter land bitter end of the season Gulten and Saniye

Saniye and Gulten lose their lives. Photo: Mediaset – newsby A very bitter ending for the beloved Turkish soap opera Terra Amara: Gulten and her sister-in-law die after being run over by Colak. Amara Terra fans will have to prepare to say goodbye to Gulten and Saniye. Gulten, specifically, will lose her life in the … Read more

Amara Land Turkish advances: Sevil forbids Mujgan to marry Yilmaz!

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

In the new episodes of Terra Amara, after seeing Yilmaz in action, Sevil returns to hinder his wedding with Mujgan… But let’s find out in detail what the Turkish Advances of the beloved soap opera reveal! To date, Yilmaz and Mujgan are just dating. The Turkish advances of the episodes of Terra Amara, which will … Read more

Jaguar Land Rover: Bolloré pays for the red light and the chip crisis

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

CHOKED BY CHIPS (WHICH ARE NOT THERE) – The decision was in the air and was formalized a few days ago: the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, Thierry Bolloré, leaves the automaker after only two years in the role. The fifty-nine-year-old French manager will leave the Group on 31 December, officially for personal reasons, but … Read more

Migrants, a thousand off the coast of Sicily. Mediterranea: «The weather is getting worse, I land immediately». Salvini: Norwegian ship goes to Norway

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

Almost a thousand migrants are on board three ships off the Italian coast. The European Commission – indicates a spokeswoman – “is not responsible for the coordination” of rescue actions at sea but “it must be emphasized that it is a moral and legal obligation” for the Member States to save people. On the day … Read more

Discovering Val Taleggio, the land of Strachítunt DOP

Discovering Val Taleggio the land of Strachitunt DOP

written by Sara Fracassetti Born in Bergamo and citizen of the world, born in 1991. Always on the hunt for the most authentic food and wine experiences that she loves to document and tell her own p … Ua pearl almost hidden in the heart of the Orobic Prealps. Val Taleggio extends on the right … Read more

Bitter land, advances from 12 to 16 September 2022

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Hunkar forces Sermin to apologize to Gulten: it wasn’t she who stole the jewels. Veli is summoned in the presence of Akif the blind. Hunkar would like to take Saniye to the gynecologist, but she – who lied about her pregnancy – is forced to pretend she was wrong. Yilmaz, on Zuleyha’s birthday, plunges into … Read more

Advances Bitter land: trap of Demir and Cengaver against Yilmaz and Fekeli

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In one of our previous posts dedicated to advances of the next Italian episodes from Bitter landthe new Turkish fiction champion of ratings, we told you about a furious quarrel that will be triggered between historical friends Demir Yaman (Murat Ünalmış) e Cengaver Çimen (Kadim Yaşar) in the middle of an evening spent in a … Read more

Bitter Land: HÜNKAR discovers that ZÜLEYHA and YILMAZ are not brothers

Already from the very first Italian episodes from Bitter landa big lie told by the protagonists Züleyha Altun (Hilal Altınbilek) e Yılmaz Akkaya (Uğur Güneş) will be discovered by a potentially dangerous person, who at least for the moment will decide not to reveal anything to anyone. So let’s take stock of the situation to … Read more