Earth’s gravity: the largest storage battery at our disposal

Earths gravity the largest storage battery at our disposal

On November 15, 2022, the world population reached 8 billion people. Even if each of us were to use judiciously use the resources of our planet, avoiding waste and implementing virtuous behaviourour energy needs is inevitably destined to increase dramatically. To this must be added the ever more pressing need to find green and … Read more

United Kingdom, the largest telephone scam: seventy thousand victims, 60 million euros stolen

United Kingdom the largest telephone scam seventy thousand victims 60

Scotland Yard has dismantled an organization that defrauded elderly or non-tech-savvy people Posted on: 24-11-2022 22:54 PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST Degree in Communication Sciences from Sapienza University and Master in Digital Journalism from Pul in Rome, he has been a professional journalist since 2007. He worked as an editor in various local newspapers and, subsequently, held the … Read more

The MSC fleet is enriched with the Seascape, the largest cruise ship built in Italy – Positanonews

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

The MSC fleet, the pride of the Sorrento peninsula, is enriched with the arrival of the MSC Seascape, the largest and most technologically advanced cruise ship ever built in Italy and at the forefront in terms of green. She is almost 340 meters long for a gross tonnage of 170,400 tons and with 2,270 cabins … Read more

The nuclear aircraft carrier Gerald Ford in the Mediterranean is the largest in the world

Italia U21 Giappone U21 1 1 Fujio risponde a Colombo

“Ready for action.” A statement by war that of the USA? The United States deploy the most advanced (and largest in the world) aircraft carrier a nuclear propulsion of the Navy in the Mediterranean. And the USS Gerald Ford and yesterday she was spotted at Crete. He is taking part in joint exercises with allies … Read more

Animal welfare, the report: “The largest fast food companies continue to fail to respect their commitments on chicken health” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Some of the biggest brands of international fast food continue to fail to respect the commitments made regarding the protection of the welfare of chickens used for their meat and involved within the chain of supplying. The association reveals it World Animal Protectionin the annual report ‘The Pecking Order‘, published in collaboration with Animal Equality … Read more

Depth Effect Wallpapers DOWNLOAD: the largest collection for iOS 16

Depth Effect Wallpapers DOWNLOAD the largest collection for iOS 16

iOS 16 offers notable changes to the lock screen which, for the first time, can be customized in a number of ways. Among the novelties we find the Depth Effect Wallpapers, that is special backgrounds where some elements in the foreground are remapped with masks created automatically by the system. Thanks to this process, which … Read more

Moscow, bombs on Zaporizhzhia, explosions at the site of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe. “Risks of radioactive spraying” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

LIVE Italy Greece 10 8 waterpolo 2022 World Cup LIVE Hellenics back

Energoatom, the Ukrainian state operator of the country’s nuclear power plants, said that 3 explosions were recorded at the Zaporizhzhia plant site, near one of the power blocks of the nuclear reactor. “There are risks of hydrogen leakage and radioactive spraying. The danger of fire is high ”, it was announced, ‘the Russians have severely … Read more

The largest star in the Milky Way is dying and astronomers are watching with curiosity

Three-dimensional models of astronomical objects can be ridiculously complex, and not every object has received the attention it needs to develop a complete model, but we can officially add another very complex model to our lists. University of Arizona astronomers have developed a model of VY Canis Majorisa red hypergiant that is most likely the … Read more

Great Britain, the largest transport strike of the last 30 years begins today

Great Britain the largest transport strike of the last 30

LONDON. It’s the UK’s biggest strike in 30 years in what promises to be a week of hell for all citizens. Indeed, the summer of discontent, as is now feared given the growing social tensions, similar to those of the winter of discontent, that is the famous quotation from Shakespeare’s Richard III and then homonymous … Read more

Gas, Eni enters the largest LNG project in the world. Descalzi: “Agreement in Qatar milestone”

Gas Eni enters the largest LNG project in the world

MILAN – Eni’s diversification strategy continues, in the geography of partners around the world, in search of alternatives to Russian supplies. And while also today it is confirmed that Gazprom will deliver gas volumes in line with the previous days (about 50% of the usual level) Eni announces the entry into the world’s largest liquefied … Read more