The conference remembered by De Laurentiis is that of Spalletti’s skeptical mimicry of the word Scudetto – ilNapolista

The conference remembered by De Laurentiis is that of Spallettis

There was born the summer of madness. In two months everything has changed, yet the Naples business model still contrasts with the image of the miracle or fried fish with water If we got to know Aurelio De Laurentiis a little, the reference he made last night in answering a question about Napoli in the … Read more

Koulibaly replies to De Laurentiis: “He must have respect for Africans”

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

Koulibaly replies to De Laurentiis: “We need respect” Kalidou Koulibalybesides being a great player at club level, he is also captain of his own national team, the Senegallatest winner of the Africa Cup of Nations. Koulibaly is keen to answer De Laurentiis, which he had stated in an interview to no longer be willing to … Read more

De Laurentiis show: ”Non vendo il Napoli, i fondi mi assillano. Non comprer pi giocatori africani. Abbiamo perso oltre 200 milioni”

De Laurentiis show Non vendo il Napoli i fondi mi

Redazione2 AGO 2022 21:59 Aurelio De Laurentiis ha parlato nel corso della trasmissione di Wall Street Italia: “Tutti si sono dimenticati del concetto del Fair Play Finanziario”. Lunga intervista da parte di Aurelio De Laurentiis, il presidente della SSC Napoli, è intervenuto in diretta da Rivisondoli a Smart Talk, trasmissione di Wall Street Italia. Tantissimi gli … Read more

Raspadori-Napoli, there is an agreement: now De Laurentiis moves with Sassuolo

Raspadori Napoli there is an agreement now De Laurentiis moves with

CASTEL DI SANGRO – Giacomo Raspadori wants Napoli exactly like Napoli wants him: Sassuolo is perfectly aware of this. And also officially informed: a few days ago Tullio Tinti, Jack’s manager, explained to the CEO Carnevali that the player would like take a chance which would allow him to play the first Champions League of … Read more

Koulibaly, veto Naples to Juve! And De Laurentiis is offering 6 million until 2027

Koulibaly veto Naples to Juve And De Laurentiis is offering

NAPLES – California dreaming, Kalidou dreaming. The two news items are wedged, they are the market puzzle that every single inhabitant of the blue planet would have liked to admire after the shock of the Ramadani-Madame match: Napoli makes it known that it will not sell Koulibaly to Juve even if it were to offer … Read more

Transfer market Naples, Bayern on Osimhen: the price set by De Laurentiis

1654245289 Transfer market Naples Bayern on Osimhen the price set by

NAPLES – A contact in a more British style than a panzer one. That is: the Bayern Monaco asked the Naples information about Victor Osimhen. An exploratory phone call following the announcement of Lewandowskia king of Bavaria who has clearly explained his desire to leave the club with which he has written and rewritten the … Read more

“Scudetto fight? Mertens and Koulibaly prove it”: the FIFA agent attacks De Laurentiis!

Scudetto fight Mertens and Koulibaly prove it the FIFA agent

A “1 Football Club”, broadcast on 1 Station Radiointervened Sabatino Durante, FIFA agent. Here is what is highlighted: De Laurentiis said he was aiming for the Scudetto, Spalletti he seemed surprised: words of convenience or will he work in that direction?“Sometimes statements are made from the moment. The fact that it seems it will not … Read more

De Laurentiis: “Tratto Bernardeschi, I’ll talk about it with Spalletti. Koulibaly and Mertens? Naples or the vil currency”

The number 1 of Napoli on the occasion of the presentation of the retreat: “I await answers from the agents of Ospina and Ruiz. We will do everything for the Scudetto, but if we do not succeed we will not have to get depressed” The occasion is the presentation of the retreat, the second after … Read more