Ukrainian war, Medvedev: towards the Third World War. Lavrov: «Conflict with the West is almost real». EU, 500 million military aid to Kiev

1674502524 Ukrainian war Medvedev towards the Third World War Lavrov Conflict

2023-01-23 18:05:14 Latvia expels Russian ambassador Latvia has announced that it has asked the Russian ambassador to leave the country by February 24 “in solidarity with Estonia and Lithuania”. This was reported by a note from the Foreign Ministry in Riga. Today the Russian ambassador in Latvia, Mikhail Vanin, “was invited to the Foreign Ministry” … Read more

Guerra Ucraina, Zelensky sente Meloni: chiesti sistemi di difesa. Lavrov: «Da Usa minacce su assassinio Putin». Bombe russe sul reparto di maternità di Kherson

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

2022-12-27 19:55:08 Bombe russe su un reparto maternità di un ospedale di Kherson «Oggi gli occupanti russi hanno sparato contro il reparto maternità di un ospedale di Kherson, nessuno è rimasto ferito». Lo ha reso noto il vice capo dell’ufficio presidenziale, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, riporta l’Ukrainska Pravda. «Kherson. I russi hanno bombardato il reparto maternità dell’ospedale. … Read more

Ukraine, Lavrov accuses: “Threats of Putin’s assassination from the Pentagon” – World

Ukraine Lavrov accuses Threats of Putins assassination from the Pentagon

Statements released by “anonymous Pentagon officials” regarding a “decapitating attack” on the Kremlin point to an attempted assassination threat against President Vladimir Putin, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an interview with the Tass agency. “Some ‘anonymous officials’ of the Pentagon have actually voiced the threat of carrying out a ‘decapitating attack’ on the … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, war news today: Kiev is aiming for a peace summit by February. Lavrov: “Threats to Putin’s life from the Pentagon”

Ukraine Russia war news today Kiev is aiming for

Ukraine aims to hold a peace summit by the end of February, preferably at the United Nations, with the Secretary General Antonio Guterres as a possible mediator. The announcement of the Foreign Minister of Kiev Kuleba opens a window into the drama of war. In the country devastated by the conflict, however, the situation remains … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war, Kiev aims for a peace summit in February. Lavrov: threats to Putin’s life from the Pentagon

Russia Ukraine war Kiev aims for a peace summit in February

Kiev announces the goal of organizing a peace summit on the occasion of the first anniversary of the war, with the United Nations as the headquarters and the UN secretary Guterres hopefully acting as mediator. Because “every war ends with diplomacy,” explained Minister Kuleba. In the meantime, the bombs continue to fall and not even … Read more

The Pope’s words, Russia’s attack. Did the Vatican really apologize as Lavrov claimed? Here’s how things stand – Il Fatto Quotidiano

The Popes words Russias attack Did the Vatican really apologize

“When I talk about theUkraineI’m talking about a martyred people. When there is a martyred people, there is someone who martyrs them. When I talk about Ukraine I mean the cruelty, because I have a lot of information about the cruelty of the troops entering. Generally the cruellest are perhaps those who come from Russia, … Read more

Belarus: Lavrov cancels mission to Minsk after Makei’s death

Belarus Lavrov cancels mission to Minsk after Makeis death

ServiceEurope Mystery on the sudden death of Belarusian Foreign Minister Makei, who was scheduled to meet with his Russian counterpart Lavrov on Monday 28 November. For Ukraine there would be the shadow of Moscow: “he may have been poisoned. He was among the few who were not under Russian influence”. Meanwhile, Zelensky says Moscow wants … Read more

Belarus, foreign minister “died suddenly”. On Monday he would have met his Russian counterpart Lavrov – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

A “sudden” death, on which no further details are officially provided. He was 65 years old Vladimir MakeyForeign Minister of the Belarusand had held the position for ten years in the Village driven by nearly thirty by Alexander Lukashenko. To break the news of his disappearance was the ministry’s spokesman Anatoly Glaz. What was even … Read more

Mosca: «Biden ha ascoltato Lavrov al vertice Asean». Caccia sull’Ucraina dalla Bielorussia

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

di Lorenzo Cremonesi, Andrea Nicastro e Redazione Online Le notizie di domenica 13 novembre, in diretta. L’Ucraina festeggia la riconquista della citt: Non lasceremo indietro nessuno. Razzi russi uccidono due donne nel villaggio di Hornostaivka, sulla riva sinistra del Dnipro • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 261esimo giorno.• L’Ucraina intera sta festeggiando la liberazione … Read more

Ucraina – Russia, le news dalla guerra oggi. Lavrov: “La situazione è simile alla crisi dei missili a Cuba”

Ucraina Russia le news dalla guerra oggi Lavrov La

L’Ucraina ha attaccato la flotta russa a Sebastopoli, in Crimea, colpendo con droni dall’aria e dall’acqua quattro navi. Mosca accusa la Gran Bretagna: secondo il ministero della Difesa, Londra avrebbe contribuito alla preparazione dell’attacco. Come risposta la Russia considera sospeso l’accordo sul grano a “tempo indeterminato”. Decisione che il presidente Usa, Joe Biden, definisce “scandalosa”. … Read more