Salvini as Alfano: “No more violent ultras in the stadium”. The law provided for it, but it has been changed

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Matthew Salvini slip, like Angelino Alfanoon the clashes between ultras Of Naples And Rome. Almost nine years later, on the wave of indignation, the “never again at the stadium” for violent fans. The Minister of Infrastructure, former Minister of the Interior, forgets that the law Beloved in fact he had foreseen it but in the … Read more

Is stealing an Amazon package home burglary? Here’s what the law says

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To date there are very many ads periodically order some product from the internet, and have it delivered to your home, especially if we are talking about Amazon. More and more often we rely on online purchases, for the convenience and simplicity with which it is possible to place an order and receive the product … Read more

How to switch from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate one with the new 2023 Budget law

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Given the important thing increase in interest rates on mortgages occurred in recent months, the 2023 Budget law provides for a simplified procedure for the transition from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate one, relatively more convenient today. In addition to the possibility of renegotiation, subrogation and replacement, there is therefore the possibility … Read more

The new cryptocurrency law is now official – The Crypto Gateway

The new cryptocurrency law is now official The Crypto

The new crypto law There Budget Law was approved in a race against time also in the Senate (in the last few hours), and with it the new rules for the taxation of cryptocurrencies. From 1 January 2023 the new legislation will therefore come into force, with the Art. 31-35 of the draft which will … Read more

Approved maneuver, all the measures of the budget law: bills, basic income, pensions, families

The new Lancia logo marks the era of electric mobility

The 2023 maneuver is law after the green light from the Senate. The Hall of Palazzo Madama has voted its trust in the Meloni government’s Budget Law, in a version identical to the one approved by the Chamber given the very tight deadlines. The 35 billion bill allocates a large part … Read more

Special amendment, removal of folders, POS and IRPEF: how the 2023 Budget law changes

On 17 and 18 December 2022, the Government filed three packages of amendments at the Budget law 2023. VAT discount for energy efficient home purchases Among the innovations foreseen by the government amendments filed, the VAT discount for purchases of highly energy-efficient houses. In particular, the possibility of deduct 50% of the VAT from the … Read more

Reusable containers brought by customers to supermarkets, the proof of Greenpeace: the law is not respected in 56% of cases – video – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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The law exists, but it is not enforced. And the Climate Decree of 12 December 2019, which allows customers to supermarkets to “use your own containers as long as reusable, clean and suitable for food use”. Except that once you get in front of the counter of the gastronomy the story changes: consumers asking to … Read more

It’s time to make a law that makes the vaccination obligation permanent for all health care workers

Medicine, with its continuous overwhelming development, has prolonged life and conquered or conditioned innumerable ills. Doctors cannot escape supporting battles of civilization by collaborating in civic education and global security. The proposal for a law on the vaccination obligation of healthcare personnel would have a clinical aspect to protect the risk of patients and a … Read more

If they stop you without the right license, no fine | The law provides for it –

If they stop you without the right license no fine

Now it’s official: if the traffic police stop you with a license that is not suitable for the type of vehicle you are driving, they cannot give you a fine. The law provides for it in these cases. Each type of vehicle has its own driving license. But, one thing is certain: to drive on … Read more