Big Tech: record profits, but mass layoffs. One million jobs at risk | Milena Gabanelli

Big Tech record profits but mass layoffs One million jobs

How can Big Tech, the most powerful industry in the worldwhile celebrating one of the best two-year periods ever, let them fire 200 thousand people? Bags are bad, right. But looking at the financial statements, revenues continue to be record high. A half closed the 2021 to 117.9 billion compared to 85.9 of the 2020. … Read more

Big-tech: boom in layoffs and factory closures, but the price rises on the stock exchange

The series of bad news from the big tech: it is the case of chain layoffs and the closure of factories and warehouses which are affecting many big tech. Simultaneously, the US technology stock index Nasdaq seems to have started a new bullish cycle. Could this be a trap for long traders? Big-tech in difficulty: … Read more

Ita Airways, the layoffs are still 4 thousand (to be paid by the public coffers) but the company hires 1,200 people – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Ita Airways the layoffs are still 4 thousand to be

Waiting to understand if there really is someone willing to buy it, Ita Airways, subsidiary 100% by the Treasury, increases fleet and personnel. But it does it in a particular way, like almost everything that has happened in this company for years. With the closure of Alitalia and the debut of Ita, fleet and manpower … Read more

Amazon, layoffs also in sight in Italy. In the US, the group is preparing to cut 10,000 jobs – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1669244469 Amazon layoffs also in sight in Italy In the US

As they emerge hypothesis of around 10,000 layoffs (1% of the workforce) in Amazon’s corporate structure, especially in the US, cuts are also expected in foreign branches, including the Italian one. The vice president of Amazon Italy and Spain confirmed this to Ansa Mariangela Marseille which uses the expression “staffing adjustments”. “After having made so … Read more

Elon Musk layoffs are messing with Twitter – The Post

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Friday began the mass layoff of Twitter employees, anticipated in recent days by American newspapers and wanted by the new owner, the billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. The size and manner of the dismissal, which was communicated in a sudden and disorderly manner, and involved about half of the employees, is causing a situation of extreme … Read more

Twitter: Musk, I had no choice over layoffs – Economy

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Elon Musk returns to talk about the brutal dismissal of 50% of Twitter employees. “Unfortunately there is no choice when a company loses over $ 4 million a day,” the new owner of the San Francisco company wrote on social media, noting that all those who were kicked out “were offered three months’ worth of … Read more

Purges and layoffs: Zelensky’s internal “front”

From the torpedoing of the commissioner for human rights Denisova to that of the head of the 007 of Kharkiv, Dudin. Then there is the special guard Poroshenko, the former president who has been prevented from expatriating There is also an internal “front” for Zelensky. A mostly submerged front: the Ukrainian president is committed not … Read more