LIVE Italy-Spain 9-5, European Curling Championships 2022 LIVE: eighth success for the Azzurri and leadership of the group!

Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

CLICK HERE TO UPDATE LIVE LIVE WOMEN’S CURLING LIVE LIVE FROM ITALY-SWEDEN FROM 9.00 WOMEN’S CURLING LIVE LIVE FROM ITALY-SWITZERLAND FROM 19.00 16:45 OA Sport thanks you for following us and wishes you a good continuation of the evening. 16:44 At this point, all that remains is to wait for tomorrow’s direct match against Scotland … Read more

Queen Elizabeth, from leadership to love: Her Majesty’s famous phrases

Current words – Elizabeth II is considered a kind of guardian of her kingdom and of the monarchical institution: she who managed to guarantee stability in turbulence, comfort in tragedies, she who has always represented a safe and reliable guide to the point of being a certainty, a rock for governments and their subjects. And … Read more

“Dramatic situation of Abruzzo health care: the Region changes the leadership of the Local Health Authority and the Department”

Dramatic situation of Abruzzo health care the Region changes the

“The president of the Region Marco Marsilio will certainly not be remembered as the savior of Abruzzo healthcare, given the bad results of these years in every sector and in every territory. He could, however, be remembered at least as the one he tried, if only he had the courage to attempt a desperate turnaround … Read more

General Surovikin, to whom Putin “gave the leadership of the war”

According to the British 007, Moscow would have asked General Dvornikov to leave the command to Surovikin, a veteran of the war in Syria, while Politico reports on the change taking place in Ukrainian intelligence Vladimir Putin gains positions in the Donbass and yet – according to London – he would not be happy with … Read more