Queen Elizabeth, the last voyage: the coffin leaves Balmoral

Queen Elizabeth the last voyage the coffin leaves Balmoral

The last journey of Elizabeth which will end with the funeral on Monday 19. The coffin leaves the castle of Balmoralin Scotland where the queen died on 8 September and after a journey of nearly 300 kilometers will reach Edinburgh. There are thousands of people along the way. 13:53 Champions League, Rangers-Napoli postponed The second … Read more

Charlene of Monaco with the € 3,090 dress: she wins them back and never leaves them

West Nile in Italia 94 casi e 7 morti Forte

Charlene of Monaco this time there is for his children Jacques and Gabriella who went back to school on Monday 5th September. The Princess accompanies them wearing a maternal pink dress, fully regaining her role in the education of the brothers. Another step towards normality after the serious difficulties due to the long illness. Charlene … Read more

Padua, the rampant engineer leaves his career and buys a micro enterprise: “Here I shape something”

Padua the rampant engineer leaves his career and buys a

Alberto Sacco “This leap either you do it now or you don’t do it anymore.” Outside, the summer never stops roaring, still inviting people to go to the beach more than to work. But Alberto Sacco, 32, mechanical engineer, wanders, as expected, sweaty and smiling in the workshop of his company, the Isimet di Rubano, … Read more

He leaves his wife for a Ukrainian refugee and moves into the family villa with his lover

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Former head of a British loan company abandons his wife for one Ukrainian refugee. It is said that the investor and entrepreneur of the dot-com Haakon Overli, 52, began a love affair with the Eastern European woman after taking her to his family home in Surrey after the Russian invasion. But … Read more

The pizza giant leaves Italy: too many debts

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

It was a marriage destined to fail, the one between Italy and Domino’s Pizza. And in the end, the American chain fled quietly from the Peninsula. From where customers have never particularly appreciated the “Hawaiian” with ham and pineapple, seen more as an outrage to the local culture than as a crazy alternative to the … Read more

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu? The reaction that leaves no doubt

Belen Rodriguez jealous of Andrea Delogu The reaction that leaves

Andrea Delogu and Stefano De Martino made sparks at TIM Summer Hits. It seems, however, that Belen Rodriguez is not a fan of her colleague nor does she appreciate her closeness to her former dancer and current partner. Belen Rodriguez she is a passionate woman and, by her own admission, quite jealous. The showgirl, after … Read more

Shocking Silvia Toffanin, he just leaves everything and runs away with his colleague

Shocking Silvia Toffanin he just leaves everything and runs away

Silvia Toffaninshe found herself in the middle of a gossip, something unexpected: he himself ran away with another. A colleague of Silvia and her friend for some time. Schock in the Toffanin-Berlusconi family Silvia Toffanin she is one of the most popular Mediaset presenters, who has always worked with humility, professionalism and simplicity. She is … Read more

Charlotte Casiraghi challenges Charlene of Monaco, the dress reveals the lingerie and leaves you breathless

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

Charlotte Casiraghi she was the protagonist of the Jumping International in Monte Carlo, where she literally dominated the scene with sensational changes of look, making the absence of Charlene of Monaco totally forget. Charlotte Casiraghi outshines Charlene of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi could not miss one of the most important events in the equestrian world, she … Read more

Stefano Tacconi leaves the hospital, his son Andrea: “Transferred to a center”

Stefano Tacconi leaves the hospital his son Andrea Transferred to

In the evening, the expected announcement of Andrea Tacconi, the first who, since that April 23, has kept intact the trust that he has always wanted to leaked from his messages, from the videos, from the fragments of life that he decided to share with an audience of friends and fans. People who have participated … Read more

Inter, Milenkovic is there if Skriniar leaves. Roma on Mertens. Monza: Ounas and El Shaarawy

Inter Milenkovic is there if Skriniar leaves Roma on Mertens

Fiorentina, Beans on loan Pradé and Burdisso work on the market to give Italian a squad capable of fighting on several fronts. The latest idea of ​​the purple management is represented by the Juventus midfielder (last year on loan to Cremonese) Nicolò Fagioli. Allegri would like to keep the player with him in retirement while … Read more