Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels? All the errors to be debunked

Is it true that eating eggs raises blood cholesterol levels

There are a lot of rumors on the web that eggs are seen as bad for high blood cholesterol sufferers. True or fiction? Let’s dispel a false myth. High concentration of cholesterol in the blood (Canva) THE MOST READ ARTICLES TODAY: Is called hypercholesterolemia the level of high cholesterol in the blood, a problem that … Read more

The euro slips to the lowest levels in 20 years against the dollar – Economy

The euro slips to new 20-year lows against the dollar: the single European currency reached $ 0.9809, a level not seen since December 2002, before recovering to 0.9864. The new three-quarter point hike decided yesterday by the Fed and expectations of subsequent hikes weigh heavily. The European currency is suffering from the economic impact of … Read more

Sweeteners raise glucose levels –

A study published on Cell found that saccharin and sucralose, two artificial sweeteners, alter the gut microbiota and increase blood glucose levels: it had been suspected for some time, and now new tests have further strengthened the findings by studies conducted in 2014. “When the first study was published in 2014, the food industry was … Read more

Nicolas Vaporidis: “Reserved for paranoid levels. Opinionist in a reality show? I don’t rule it out “

Nicolas Vaporidis Reserved for paranoid levels Opinionist in a reality

News on the island of the famous 2022 The winner of the Isola dei Famosi 2022 in the editorial staff of “Happy to have done so, I showed the man beyond the actor”. Opinionist in a reality show now? “I don’t rule it out”. And finally he admits: “Edoardo gave me lightness. Lory Del … Read more

Sonic Frontiers: levels set in cyber space are reminiscent of the legendary Sonic Adventure for Dreamcast!

Sonic Frontiers levels set in cyber space are reminiscent of

Our first encounter with Sonic Frontiers was not the best. As you can read in our recent test, the technical aspect of the game was so precarious that it cast a shadow of pessimism on the whole project, despite some pretty good ideas. Today, however, we return to talk about the Sega game on the … Read more

Something begins to change on the markets. Are we on the verge of falling? The levels to monitor

Something begins to change on the markets Are we on

We are close to the annual setup of July 5th, e in a temporal area where our annual fractal it projects a long-term bullish reversal and something starts to change in the markets. Let’s proceed step by step. At the close of the trading day on 21 June we read the following prices: Dax Future … Read more

Taking this fruit once a day could improve cholesterol levels and have great gut health benefits

From an early age they educated us to introduce more fruits and vegetables into our diet. Our grandparents or parents, to convince us, exclaimed the common saying of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But is this a truth? In fact, there appear to be numerous nutritional properties behind this food. As for … Read more

Is the downturn in the markets over for now? The operational levels

Is the downturn in the markets over for now The

After yesterday’s rebound, another positive sign was formed today. Is the downturn in the markets over for now? We will soon confirm this scenario, but let’s proceed step by step. At 4.45pm on the trading day on May 3rd we read the following prices: Dax Future 13,944 Eurostoxx Future 3.687 Ftse Eb Future 23,785 S&P … Read more