Farewell to Lando Buzzanca, the ‘male Blackbird’ between lights and shadows – Culture & Shows

Farewell to Lando Buzzanca the male Blackbird between lights and

Lando Buzzanca died in Rome. The actor died at Villa Speranza where he had been hospitalized for about a month. The last phase of his life was marked by hospitalizations and controversies. One of the best-known actors and faces of Italian cinema and TV has gone on tiptoe. He who had partly made his creative … Read more

Sabrina Ferilli, the black lace dress lights up “Tu Sì Que Vales”

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

Sabrina Ferilli is that rare mix of sensuality and sympathy that we could hardly get tired of, something of which he gives us ample proof every time he sets foot in the studio of You Yes Que Vales. The contestants hang from his lips waiting for the votes of the public who reads as the … Read more

New sensor on Italian traffic lights, here is their secret operation: be careful – solomotori.it

New sensor on Italian traffic lights here is their secret

Traffic control and safety systems have become more technological and pervasive, and where previous driving offenses were more tolerable, electronic eyes sometimes installed at traffic lights now make it easier to get caught on a single or first offense. The traffic lights have gotten smarter over time. From pedestrian crossings that warn visually impaired people … Read more

How much you save by turning off the lights in the house when they are not needed

Given the unparalleled price increase suffered by electricity, many Italians are looking for the best strategies to save on their bills. Reduce the usage time of domestic appliances and electrical appliances is certainly a good solution, however not always feasible and certainly not sufficient on its own to amortize electricity costs. The most common idea, … Read more

Juve clings to Di Maria to beat Maccabi Haifa: it is 3 to 1 at the Stadium. El Fideo lights up, but the attackers waste too much – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

Silence outside, commitment on the pitch: to face the difficult moment Merry he had asked his players this. And after the championship victory with Bolognaa positive result also arrives in Europe with Juve winning for 3 to 1 against the Maccabi Haifa in the third match of the group Champions. But the effort for the … Read more

Traffic lights will no longer be the same: what changes

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

Pedestrians and cyclists are the so-called weak road users, those who run the greatest risks precisely because of the vehicles circulating on the road and who unfortunately, often and willingly, do not respect the speed limits and hundreds of other regulations dictated by the Code of Road, for their and others’ safety. However, protecting all … Read more

Gas, off to EU rationing: lights off and cold showers. Italy is saved for now

It comes into force tomorrow, with publication expected for today in the Official Journal EUthe regulation on the reduction of consumption of gas. Between cold showers and shop windows and monuments in the dark, however, not everyone in Europe is ready for the beginning of rationing. After the approval of the Energy Ministers at the … Read more

Start & Stop at the traffic lights, pay attention to how you do it: your tank empties | Throw the money

Start Stop at the traffic lights pay attention to

The Start & Stop is a very useful tool in our cars but is sometimes used incorrectly. Here’s how to avoid consuming fuel. Start & Stop at the traffic light – Motori.News When we drive our car, it sometimes happens that we stop for a long time in one place without using it for various … Read more