Gasoline skyrocketing, here’s which cars save you: the official list of those that consume less –

Gasoline skyrocketing heres which cars save you the official list

When cars are used a lot and fuel prices are soaring, owning or buying a car that isn’t thirsty for petrol or diesel can make a difference in the family budget. So let’s see which cars allow you to save the most on fuel costs. And if you own a hybrid then things improve further, … Read more

The best of Black Friday Week: constantly updated list with LG OLED TVs, Samsung super SSDs, Low Cost PCs and tablets, Samsung special offers and much more

1669050341 The best of Black Friday Week constantly updated list with

Amazon Black Friday Week, let’s go! Here is our selection of best offers. For convenience, here are the links of the specific categories with all the products and not just a selection. All TVs on offer here. All super discounted floor cleaning robots here. All smartphones here. … Read more

Tesla opens Superchargers to all electrics in Italy | List

Tesla opens Superchargers to all electrics in Italy List

Tesla extends to Italy the pilot project launched globally in November last year that opens Superchargers to all electric vehicles. There are two clarifications to make: to recharge a non-Tesla electric vehicle it must have the Combo CCS Standard socket not everybody the Superchargers scattered throughout Italy are open to the “public” (currently … Read more

The Game Awards 2022, the finalists: complete list of nominations

Geoff Keighley announced the i finalists of the The Game Awards 2022, therefore, the games that users and the jury will be able to vote on between now and 8 December, when the awards ceremony will take place. Here she is list complete with nomination: Game of the Year A Plague Tale: Requiem Elden Ring … Read more

Never buy these cars: you will always find yourself in the workshop | Here is the official list –

Never buy these cars you will always find yourself in

Buying a car is never easy considering that even if we want to buy a used car, the economic outlay is always important. There are many details that must be taken into consideration, from handling to vehicle habitability, from safety to multimedia functions. In short, before buying a car it is good to consider all … Read more

WHO publishes the complete list of fungal pathogens. A growing threat to public health

Fungal pathogens pose a major threat to public health as they are becoming increasingly common and resistant to treatment with only four classes of antifungal drugs currently available and few candidates in the clinical pipeline. Most fungal pathogens lack rapid and sensitive diagnostics, and existing ones are not widely available or affordable globally. THE DOCUMENT. … Read more

Highway Code, with these cars they no longer let you circulate: check if you are on the list

Highway Code with these cars they no longer let you

SOS Highway Code updates: with these cars you can no longer drive on the street. Highway code – Often and willingly, the rules for the license undergo some adjustment or updating. Consequently, it is good to always be perfectly prepared and keep up to date in such a way as to change the habits … Read more

Do you suffer from hypotension? Here are the recommended foods to keep you healthy: the list

1664560315 Do you suffer from hypotension Here are the recommended foods

Here is the list of foods that doctors recommend for those suffering from hypotension or low blood pressure. Let’s see in detail. There are so many people around the world who suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension. A condition of physical imbalance that occurs when our blood pressure drops below 90 – 60 mmHg. … Read more

EU Commission, new sanctions on Russia. Oil price ceiling and black list for those who evade the measures

MILAN – A hit of 7 billion euros in revenue, with new categories of people who can enter blacklist and the legal basis for putting a ceiling on the price of Russian oil, also directed towards third countries. Here is the eighth package of European sanctions against Russia. The new sanctions on Moscow on imports … Read more

The list of the least reliable cars ever: these are to be avoided absolutely | There are also some Italians –

The list of the least reliable cars ever these are

If you love cars, these are not for you. On the web, a well-known site hosts a list of famous cars for a decidedly less flattering reason: in the middle there are also many Italian cars, unfortunately for us. A car does not always become memorable for its excellent construction qualities or for the success … Read more