“We can never say it enough: vaccination saves lives”: the joint appeal of the EU, WHO Europe and ECDC

“With the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the circulation and health impact of other respiratory pathogens, it is difficult to predict how the new winter period will develop. In light of this, we cannot afford to become complacent. We need to step up vaccination programs and preparedness measures across the region. The need … Read more

Iva Zanicchi where he lives, the dream villa in Brianza surrounded by greenery – newsby

Iva Zanicchi where he lives the dream villa in Brianza

Iva Zanicchi Newsby-Dancing with the Stars Last year Iva Zanicchi participated for the umpteenth time in the Sanremo Festival 2022 confirming her eclectic and versatile talent. On the Ariston stage you won the attention of your vast audience, but also of the insiders who judged your positive and satisfying performance. Iva is among the singers … Read more

Lives on the edge 📺 Loses weight but then tragedy happens 😞 His life ruined forever

Lives on the edge Loses weight but then tragedy happens

Zsalynn Whitworth went against her husband’s wishes and turned to the famous program to lose weight and get back in shape. In the famous series of Lives on the edgeNow in its tenth edition, patients wishing to get rid of their obesity travel to Houston, Texas, to seek the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. During … Read more

“He lives by a miracle”. Jasmine Carrisi, accident for Al Bano’s daughter: the friend’s story

Grand Hotel 3 Anticipazioni 12 agosto 2022 La Quarta Puntata

It was supposed to be a carefree evening, but instead it risked turning into a tragedy: Jasmine Carrisi, Al Bano’s daughter, and her friend Glenda Resta had a serious accident on their way home after celebrating Halloween. Fortunately, there were no dramatic consequences, but they had a really bad time. Jasmine Carrisi, the incident on … Read more

In the name of Aurora, heroine of the Armenians. The other “Nobel” of the head of Moderna to those who save lives

In the name of Aurora heroine of the Armenians The

from Gian Antonio Stella One million dollars to activist Jamila Afghani On the Anatolian slave market Aurora Mardiganian was sold for 85 cents. What could that be worth Armenian girl of about fifteen already broken inside by the death of her parents and a brother killed by the Turksfrom an endless march to Aleppo, from … Read more

The three lives of Donato Bilancia, the serial killer sentenced to 13 life sentences accused of 17 murders

The three lives of Donato Bilancia the serial killer sentenced

The story of Donato Bilancia, the bloodiest serial killer in Italy: he killed 17 people between 1997 and 1998. His life was characterized by various phases: difficult childhood, obsession with gambling , murders, redemption in prison. Donato Libra The press had nicknamed him “the monster of trains” or “Jack the Italian Ripper“, but Donato Libra … Read more

Lorella Cuccarini, after the discovery of the disease lives without: what was removed from her – solocine.it

Lorella Cuccarini after the discovery of the disease lives without

Lorella Cuccarini had to undergo a delicate surgery in a period of her life that literally transformed her. In practice, the artist until then was convinced that she was in excellent health, so her discovery was – to say the least – unsettling. About her Her words … The showgirl is now a singing teacher … Read more

Hospitals and villas in Russian sights, so Mykolaiv lives on the front line

Putin forced to downsize the objectives We just want to

from Lorenzo Cremonesi Closed shops and medical facilities hit, inside the key city between Odessa and Kherson: Russians fire on hospitals and must be reported to the whole world FROM OUR SEND MYKOLAIV – Crimini of war. There is no other possible definition: the Russians are constantly committing war crimes, they repeat at the hospital … Read more

Chubais, the man of many lives and Putin’s former loyalist hospitalized in Sardinia

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

from Marco Imarisio The man, confirmed by qualified sources, is not in danger of life and the results of the further tests ordered are awaited, which have been sent to an external laboratory Anatolij Chubais certainly a man of many lives, who knows many things. But the label of hero, dissident or opponent that was … Read more

Simona Izzo lives with a strange disease: it is difficult to be next to her – the Democrat – Journal of free information

Simona Izzo lives with a strange disease it is difficult

In Simona Izzo’s life an ugly evil has appeared that conditions her existence. Just she reveals the details Simona Izzo has chosen to share one with all his fans terrible situation who has been living for some time. But what happened to her? It is the city of Rome to give birth to Simona Izzo … Read more