The FTSEMib loses more than 1% mid-session

Negative performance for securities in the banking sector and for Enel. Net Insurance approaches the price of the takeover bid. Positive debt for Franchetti at Euronext Growth Milan The major indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets they recorded drops of more than one percentage point. According to Pierre Veyret … Read more

It loses all body hair in just six months. The shocking story: “I woke up covered in hair, the doctors didn’t understand why”

It loses all body hair in just six months The

Loses all hairs of the body in just six months. Tom Hall, a 30-year-old American who lives in Londonwas struck byAlopecia Universalis, the most severe form of alopecia, which involves complete or almost complete loss of hair on the scalp, face and rest of the body. Aksel … Read more

Negative European stock exchanges, Milan the worst: it loses 3.3%, spread at 233

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

A negative day for the European stock exchanges, at the end of a very heavy week for all the markets. Milan the one that closed the worst of all in the last session before the elections: the Ftse Mib index closed down 3.3% to 21,066 points, the lowest of the day. Among the major stocks … Read more

Piazza Affari black jersey in Europe: the FTSEMib loses more than 3%

The stock markets accelerate to the downside. The securities of the banking sector are in red, with the sole exception of Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Sales on oil The major indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets accelerate to the downside in the last session of the week. Piazza … Read more

Negative Piazza Affari: The FTSEMib loses more than 1%

Seated under the banner of sales for the securities of the banking sector: among the protagonists there is still the Monte dei Paschi di Siena. The descent of Telecom Italia TIM continues The major indices of the Italian Stock Exchange and the main European financial markets record discounts of more than one percentage point in … Read more

PlayStation loses Call of Duty: must Sony studios create an alternative to the shooter?

PlayStation loses Call of Duty must Sony studios create an

It is now clear that call of Duty on console PlayStation his years are numbered. Whether it’s three years or six, it doesn’t matter: for Sony not being able to rely on the revenue and attractiveness of Activision Blizzard’s shooter, as well as Diablo, Overwatch and the other publisher brands, for obvious reasons it is … Read more

A destroyed prince, after his mother he too loses: drama at Buckingham Palace

A destroyed prince after his mother he too loses drama

A painful farewell shocks Buckingham Palace and English subjects. After the tragedy involving Diana, here is another painful farewell. The British monarchy is forced to face another blow that concerns the young royal. The Windsor family is, of course, one of the most important and famous families in the world and is always the center … Read more

Low cost flights, Wizz Air loses over 23 euros per passenger. Ryanair and Vueling review profits

Aeroitalia the Italian company with foreign funds that takes off

Record expansion in the midst of the pandemic, refunds for canceled flights and the decision not to buy fuel months ago at controlled prices do not reward Wizz Air. In the almost normal first quarter – the one between April and June of this year – the Hungarian company lost over 23 euros per passenger … Read more

“I am pregnant with another”, scandal at court: Letizia of Spain thrown out | Loses the title

I am pregnant with another scandal at court Letizia of

After so many years, a scandal would come to light involving Letizia of Spain who could risk losing everything. Letizia Ortiz – The scandal would concern King Juan Carlos who, over the years, is known for not having been strictly faithful. Juan Carlos’ secret children Juan Carlos of Bourbon, the father of Felipe VI, … Read more

The government loses more pieces, but Boris Johnson does not give up – World

The government loses more pieces but Boris Johnson does not

The haemorrhage of ministers in the British government of Boris Johnson does not stop: this morning it was the turn of the head of the department for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, according to whom the executive hit by the scandal is now “beyond the point of no return”. “I cannot sacrifice my personal integrity to … Read more