The 6 tips for losing weight in menopause: here’s how to slim the waistline

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

TOAST – Menopause is a physiological phase in the life of women. It generally starts around the age of 50, and certainly represents the end of reproductive life. The change, by means of anatomo-physiological modifications, can lead to a reduction in bone mass; over time this could lead to osteoporosis and the redistribution of body … Read more

Renault and Nissan, because the pioneers are losing blows – Vaielettrico

Renault and Nissan because the pioneers are losing blows

The new Scenic, arriving in 2024, will not be a minivan, but an electric SUV. Renault and Nissan, the pioneers are missing out on the sales charts. What happens? Why can’t they take advantage of being the first to go? The Renault Zoe, only 7th in the ranking of the best-selling EVs in Europe. Renault … Read more

Chronic back pain, often the first step to healing is losing weight – how can it be done

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

from Laura Cuppini The extra pounds limit the effectiveness of the therapies: a multidisciplinary treatment is needed. The role of the GLP-1 analogue in weight control Back pain is one of the biggest human problems: according to the World Health Organization the first cause of disability. As well as a (frequent) reason for absence from … Read more

Milan, Stylsvig (CRO): “We are losing tens of millions a year by not having an adequate stadium. With RedBird growth phase”

Milan Stylsvig CRO We are losing tens of millions a © photo by Spada / LaPresse The sports business expert, Joe Pomplianoon your own channel YouTubehe interviewed Casper Stylsvig, Chief Revenue Officer of Milan. Here are his statements: About Casa Milan: “I think the building was built seven years ago, but we built these structures (the Studios, ed) about a year and a half … Read more

With cancer, not losing weight is essential: here’s what you can do

from Vera Martinella There are many risks for patients who lose too much weight, especially for those with pancreas, esophagus, stomach, head and neck neoplasia. With the help of the nutritionist you can live better and longer Malnutrition is a very common problem in cancer patients and brings with it a series of serious consequences: … Read more

Losing weight and correcting your posture at the same time is possible thanks to this foolproof method

Losing weight and correcting your posture at the same time

By following precise instructions, it is possible, at the same time, to improve your posture and tone your body while losing weight. What allows it is a very little known technique that, however, could turn one’s life around. Canva However, however, there is a method, perhaps not very well known, which ensures not only to … Read more

Ukraine, appeal from Kiev: ‘We are losing, we have no more weapons’ – World

The Dad he received in audience, in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who subsequently met with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, accompanied by Msgr. Paul Richard Gallagher, Secretary for Relations with States. “During the cordial talks in the Secretariat of State, we focused on good … Read more

Kiev: “We are losing, we depend on Western weapons”. Lavrov: “Russia is open to dialogue, but two can dance tango” – live – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Kiev We are losing we depend on Western weapons Lavrov

10 June 2022 12:51 Lavrov: “Russia open to dialogue, but two can dance tango” Russia is open to dialogue, but “it takes two to dance the tango “. Thus the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrovas reported by the Taxwith respect to the diplomatic path as a solution to the conflict in Ukraine. 10 June 2022 … Read more

In addition to losing weight, this training is also suitable for beginners, to be toned even at 40, 50 and 60 years

Sports activity could become a problem when you reach a certain age. Goals change after the age of 40 and our mental attitude should simplify the relationship with the sport to be practiced. The ambitions of achieving high-level results or having a perfect physique give way to passion and health. We play sports because we … Read more

Putin, the secret war and the negotiations: “He will accept when he is afraid of losing everything”

from Viviana Mazza Douglas London, former agent of the US clandestine services, indicates the most practicable way: “We must force the Tsar to negotiate: what he fears most is losing power” For Douglas London, Putin Not can be convinced to end the war in Ukraine through “concessions” but just putting it in the face of … Read more