Intermittent fasting is not as effective in losing weight as eating less at all meals

Intermittent fasting is not as effective in losing weight as

Of Silvia Turin A new study analyzes the effects on weight of schedules and habits of 550 people for 6 years: the frequency and caloric size of meals were a stronger determinant than the time between the first and last meal For weight loss can be more effective calorie reduction at each meal compared to … Read more

Dementia: 10 foods that increase the risk of “losing your mind”

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As many as 6.5 million Americans have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The number, enormous to say the least, increases if we consider dementia more generally which, according to statistics, affects 1 in 10 Americans over 65 in the United States and currently around 1.2 million people in Italy: in practice more than the entire population … Read more

Teresa Mannino: «For a lover I risked losing the part in a film. Clooney? Better Camilleri»

Teresa Mannino For a lover I risked losing the part

Shall we start with his monkey?“Now I’m going to cry.” Courage.“It’s one of the few things I’m ashamed of. I was 10 years old…” Stories.«I was obsessed with primates, I watched all the documentaries, I still remember the Treccani page and me saying: this is me. So, in the fifth grade I asked for a … Read more

Reinstall Whatsapp, so you can, without losing data: the steps

Reinstall Whatsapp so you can without losing data the steps

Without losing your data and messages, here are the aspects to know and how to reinstall Whatsapp: the details about it What you need to know about reinstalling Whatsapp, how to keep and not lose your data and messages. Information Today When it comes to Whatsapp reference is made to the known and widespread instant … Read more

Losing is not a drama. But neither is equalizing by playing badly – ilNapolista

Losing is not a drama But neither is equalizing by

A defeat in Milan is all there, as well as the days nì. But in these cases you can also take the loaf home without having to like it at all costs Db Milan 04/01/2023 – Serie A football championship / Inter-Napoli / photo Daniele Buffa/Image Sport In the photo: Luciano Spalletti The first thing … Read more

La Fortuna di Laura, the review: losing everything and finding happiness

La Fortuna di Laura the review losing everything and finding

Laura’s review of La Fortuna: do you have to lose everything to find happiness? The Rai format Provided it ends well continues its mission with a simple and well-acted TV film. Directed by Alessandro Angelini, starring Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Andrea Pennacchi, Emanuela Grimalda. Live by the thousand, live by reputation, live with the imprinted … Read more

Postal savings books: from 2023 there is a risk of losing all the money but here’s what to do to avoid it

Postal savings books from 2023 there is a risk of

Postal passbook savings accounts are among the investment and savings products distributed by Poste Italiane. Many Italians subscribe to postal passbooks to deposit their money to make it pay off over time and then use it for some important project. InformationToday Like the postal vouchers the savings books are also guaranteed by Cassa depositi e … Read more

The report cards of V. Entella-Cesena | “You have to be tough without ever losing tenderness”

The report cards of V Entella Cesena You have to

For the first time in its history, Cesena returns to Romagna from Chiavari with a clean sheet. Solitary primacy is not a priority today. Squat 5.5 Insufficient with the clean sheet in Chiavari? This also happens when you demonstrate a lot, too much constant breathlessness on the high exits. Gain confidence as the minutes pass, … Read more

Lose weight while having fun? It’s possible: here are the tips for losing weight without dieting and without stress

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Do you want to lose weight, but diets tire you out and discourage you ahead of time? Here are the tips to understand how to lose a few pounds without miracles, but in a real way Sabrina Commis October 20 We hear more and more people proudly talk about their weight loss “without diet” or … Read more

Atp 250, from flooded fields to postponed races: the tournament risks losing face in Naples

the case NoonOctober 19, 2022 – 2:26 pm The synthetic of the Arena betrays the organizers, they run for cover but the matches are diverted to Pozzuoli. Lastly, we don’t play in the evening: “It’s too wet.” Barrientos “thrown out of the hotel, never seen such a thing, I hope the ATP will take measures” … Read more