Gianluca Grignani: “I’ve lost everything” | From the great refusal to the dramatic crisis

1672178941 Gianluca Grignani Ive lost everything From the great refusal

Gianluca Grignani, during his career, had to face a hard collapse ending up losing everything. The singer, in an interview, spoke of the dramatic crisis experienced. Throughout his career, Gianluca Grignani has gone through numerous few ups and downs. The singer who rose to prominence in the 90s enjoying considerable success, faced an unexpected collapse … Read more

Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds, the review of the new Ubisoft game expansion

Far Cry 6 Lost Between Worlds the review of the

After the DLC dedicated to the historical enemies of the series, comes a new supernatural expansion for the Ubisoft game: the review of Far Cry 6: Lost Between Worlds. For several years now, the DLCs of the Far Cry series have been synonymous with experimentation on all fronts: in our minds we imagine the coordinators … Read more



THE PRESS CONFERENCE OF DOCTOR SANDRO CINQUETTI EDITORIAL BOARD Press conference of the head of Prevention of Ulss1 Doctor Sandro Cinquetti on the case of the 15-month-old boy who died of fulminant meningitis. Cinquetti defines it as a painful case of pneumococcal meningitis, pneumococcus has 90 different types, in this painful case it has proved … Read more

NASA had lost communication with Artemis I’s Orion capsule

NASA had lost communication with Artemis Is Orion capsule

We recently wrote of updates of the Artemis I mission which brought the Orion capsule in orbit around the moon and that he will bring it back to Earth by mid-December (the splashdown is scheduled for December 11 near the Californian coast). This is the first test of this kind of technology and since the … Read more

Umberto Tozzi: «I recovered from a tumour. I felt lost and scared, now I’m back on stage”

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

from Joan Cavalli The singer-songwriter: «I’m going back on stage, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore». Childhood: «I wanted to be a footballer: I had won a prize week in Coverciano, but after a horrible report card my father forbade me to go there». Women: “I’ve never been a playboy” … Read more

Dear Porro, in Mps I lost everything: this is how we were ruined – La Posta

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

egr. Dr. Porro, I really appreciated his inquiry into MPS of 7 November a Fourth Republic and I am writing to ask you for further investigation, a supplementary investigation into the shameful damage caused to small saver shareholders who have naively (naivety is not a fault) once again trusted the bank and the role played … Read more

“I’m with you”. Grave mourning for Andrea Zelletta: his sister has lost the child she was expecting

Great pain for Andrea Zelletta and for his whole family: his sister Alessia, to whom he is deeply attached, has lost the baby she was carrying in the fifth month of pregnancy. Her story is heartbreaking, and the former gieffino could not help but offer all her support in this difficult moment. Andrea Zelletta, the … Read more

Batora Lost Haven, la recensione di un gioco d’azione italiano che punta un po’ troppo in alto

Batora Lost Haven la recensione di un gioco dazione italiano

Ecco la nostra recensione di Batora Lost Haven, un piacevole gioco d’azione italiano che ha puntato un po’ troppo in alto e arriva al finale con il fiato corto. Sono passati un paio di mesi dal nostro provato di Batora Lost Haven, all’interno del quale vi abbiamo svelato le nostre prime impressioni sul gioco degli … Read more

Yomawari: Lost in the Dark, the review of a new adventure in the shadows

Yomawari Lost in the Dark the review of a new

In the review of Yomawari: Lost in the Dark we tell you all the news of the new chapter of the fascinating horror series. The most disturbing and darkest period of the year is approaching and, for the occasion, in 2022 we are also witnessing the return of a niche series, but discreetly appreciated by … Read more

MAIDA: “With Betis a lost opportunity” – TORRI: “Zaniolo will be decisive until the break”

MAIDA With Betis a lost opportunity TORRI Zaniolo will

Roma’s draw at Betis offers different points of view in the analysis of the following day. “Roma played without identity yesterday” He says Mario Mattioli. “I didn’t like yesterday’s game at all” adds Augusto Ciardi. Different interpretation of Francesco Balzani: “Yesterday was a huge result in a very difficult moment and I think this is … Read more