Higher paycheck for these workers: find out if you’re among the lucky ones

Higher paycheck for these workers find out if youre among

Payroll increases are expected between December and January, but not for all workers. Here’s why and who they belong to. Expensive bills and increases in the cost of living in general are still influencing the lives of many Italian citizens. As a result, the economic value of money continues to fall and theinflation continues to … Read more

Only one lucky customer will be able to drive this Ferrari

Gemelli tirate fuori gli artigli loroscopo di domani giovedi 22

Ferrari presents its brand new One-Off, which joins the range of unique models of the Maranello company. The latest born leaves the production lines of Special Projects program. His name? Ferrari SP51. The supercar, tailor-made for the customer, is added to the most exclusive segment of the brand’s range, which includes unique projects, first outlined … Read more

Incredibly lucky week for Libra and Sagittarius, as big money awaits 2 more zodiac signs after unhappy days

Electronic invoice from 1st July it is an obligation who

Many people rely on the stars to find out in advance what will happen in the next few days. The summer horoscope will be particularly generous and full of surprises with some zodiac signs. The astral movements will favor in particular some very lucky signs that will be able to enjoy incredible opportunities. Today we … Read more

The Revenue Agency pays cash: who are the lucky ones (and why)

The Revenue Agency pays cash who are the lucky ones

The Revenue Agency speeds up reimbursements. Cash on arrival for those who sent the tax return by May 31st. We have talked about it several times: the pandemic has changed not only the setting of society but also the approach to aspects of it in strong growth, such as digital. Photo © AdobeStock The eruption … Read more

July will be the turning point month for Aries and Virgo, while Jupiter will fill the pockets of 2 other lucky zodiac signs

June is coming to an end and, as often happens, at the gates of a new month it is time to take stock. The month of June was generous with some lucky signs of the zodiac also thanks to a particularly favorable sky. July begins with the planet Jupiter as the protagonist and this transit … Read more

July horoscope will bring money and love to these 2 lucky zodiac signs but Mars and Jupiter will be in opposition to Capricorn

Summer has arrived and the month of June is coming to an end, just a few more days and we will officially enter in July. In the meantime, however, we have left behind the sign of Gemini to move on to the period of Cancer. The horoscope of the week he had forecast days at … Read more