Ukraine, live coverage – Moscow bombs on Kherson: “4 dead and 10 wounded”. UK: “Russian paratroopers return to Donetsk and Luhansk” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Nov 24, 2022 8.30pm Kiev: “A playground was also hit in Kherson” “The Russian invaders bombed Kherson again. Around 17. They covered a residential area of ​​the city with fire. Due to the bombings, a skyscraper caught fire, while a playground was also hit. This was stated by Yaroslav Yanushevich, head of the Kherson regional … Read more

Russian deputy: “Moscow stop lying about the situation at the front”. Kiev: “The liberation of Luhansk has begun”. Kremlin: “We will take back the territories” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Guerra in Ucraina gli Usa stanziano altri 11 miliardi pensando

5 Oct 2022 15:55 Kadyrov: “Putin appointed me colonel general” The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave him the rank of colonel general, as reported by Tass. “I want to share another good news with you. The president of Russia has awarded me the rank of colonel … Read more

Triple attack by Kiev on pro-Russian institutions: rockets on the Kherson town hall, a bomb in Luhansk. Two politicians killed in Berdyansk – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Monkeypox an alarm that has been ignored for years

There Ukrainian counter-offensive in the east and south of the country it touches the heart of the self-proclaimed ones pro-Russian administrations. It does so, as seen so far, with i rockets launched on the occupied cities, but also with bomb attacks and targeted ambushes against the political leaders of the institutions linked to Fly. Thus, … Read more

Usa: la Russia controllerà a breve Luhansk. La Cina: «Mai fornito supporto materiale a Mosca»

di Francesco Battistini, Lorenzo Cremonesi e Redazione Online Le notizie di domenica 12 giugno sulla guerra, in diretta. Le previsioni sul campo da parte di un funzionario della Difesa americana citato dal Washington Post. Von der Leyen a Kiev: «Noi siamo al vostro fianco». Kiev: nei primi 100 giorni uccisi 10mila soldati • La guerra … Read more

War in Ukraine, live – Kiev admits: “Russia ahead in Luhansk”. Moscow: “Once the Mariupol port has been mined, it can be used” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

26 May 2022 19:50 Medvedev: “Zelensky’s peace conditions are unattainable” The conditions set by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the truce are impossible to achieve in principle. This was stated by the vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, quoted by the Russian agency Tass. 26 May 2022 19:49 Premier Finland: “Our relationship … Read more