Do you know who Luigi Calcara boyfriend of Valerio Scanu is? Age, work and partner – Back cover

Do you know who Luigi Calcara boyfriend of Valerio Scanu

Valerio Scanu is an Italian singer, born in Cagliari on June 28, 1987. He made himself known in 2009 thanks to his participation in the seventh edition of the talent show Amici, where he obtained an excellent response from the critics. Valerio Scanu has managed to achieve notable successes thanks to his talent, his tenacity … Read more

The meme Oscar night, Luigi Di Maio is the most meme character of 2022. Here are all the winners – The video

The meme Oscar night Luigi Di Maio is the most

He is the former foreign minister Louis DiMaio the “most famous character of the year” at the first night of the Oscars dedicated to memes which took place on the evening of November 19, at the Off Topic cultural center of Turin. And, as a classic script of the dynamics of web irony, the production … Read more

Valerio Scanu: «Spouse Luigi, Professor of Engineering. He is jealous and he never came to my exams “”

La fermezza di re Carlo III e le lacrime di

from Elvira Serra The singer and the coming out with the engineer of the Sapienza University of Rome. “At 20, I told my parents that I was homosexual. In the past I have also been linked to women ». The wedding: “Halfway between Sicily and Sardinia, so as not to upset anyone” Two mobile phones … Read more

Vatican 2.0: the Pope prepares the digital revolution – Luigi Bisignani

Longevity do genes or physical activity matter more to live

TikTok… I’m Francesco! The Holy Father isn’t a TikToker yet, but its digital revolution it has already begun and will be baptized urbi et orbi to the Jubilee of 2025. So let’s expect cyberspaces with special effects, starting with St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, for an immersive experience in the wonders of the … Read more

Luigi Boitani, Europe’s leading expert on wolves: “It is foolish to say that we set them free”

Bologna Cosenza 1 0 the rossoblu win for Sinisa Sport

from Stefano Lorenzetto The zoologist, considered the father of modern ecology, in 1972 was the only one who managed to capture a specimen: It is foolish to say that we set them free Homo homini lupus. Yes, perhaps Plautus was right. But Luigi Boitani updates the Latin playwright’s maxim: I could entertain her for the … Read more

Luigi di Amici: the guitar? I started at 6. The 150 thousand of the prize? A trip for my parents

from Chiara Maffioletti The winner of the 21st edition of the talent: «Maria’s speeches made me grow. Sanremo? Now I’m waiting for my first Ep to come out “ He wasn’t in a hurry Luigi Strangis20 years, the winner of the 21st edition from “Friends” . Multi-instrumentalist, a not too vague resemblance to Ultimo, Strangis … Read more

Friends 21, the final: Luigi wins. Michele runner-up. The critics’ prize goes to Sissi

Friends 21 the final Luigi wins Michele runner up The critics

Luigi Strangis wins in Amici 2021/2022. The singer from Lamezia terme beat the winner of the dance circuit Michele Esposito on the televoting. In the’last episode of the talent of Maria De Filippi, which unlike the previous episodes was broadcast live and saw the dancer Serena on the third step of the podium. TO Sissi … Read more


Amici 21, seventh evening: Nunzio is out, Luigi is a candidate for victory How did the seventh go Friends evening 21 went on stage last night 30 April 2022? Nuncio was the last eliminated from the talent show of Maria De Filippi. An exit followed by the young dancer ‘s awareness of not having given … Read more