Belen: «That’s why Stefano left me twice, I was terrible. Now everything is different, he loves Luna Mari”

Ronaldo Playing together with Messi Everything is possible I spoke

Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, a long love story. It was the year 2012 when Belén and De Martino met behind the scenes of Amici di Maria De Filippi. An encounter that was the beginning of a passionate and overwhelming love story for both, which saw them literally forging ahead, getting married the following … Read more

Belen, a Moldovan woman on TikTok: «I’m Luna Marì’s mother. You can’t have children, you were born a man “

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

Belen Rodriguez is not the mother of Luna Marì? The absurd and sensational hypothesis that the Argentine showgirl is not actually the biological mother of the little girl born in 2021 comes from TikTok. Often in the entertainment world, characters appear who declare themselves illegitimate children of famous people, but this … Read more

Shocking, “Luna Marie is my daughter”, the biological mother of the child appears: She is not Belén’s daughter | The indiscretion

Shocking Luna Marie is my daughter the biological mother of

A few days ago on the web a video began to circulate in which a certain Tatiana Sova, a young woman of twenty-nine, from Ukraine, declared that she was the birth mother of Luna Marie, the daughter of Belén Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese. The news is shocking and the video, published on Tik tok, has … Read more

Luna, second postponement for the launch of Artemis – Science & Technology

PHOTO The Sls rocket with the Orion capsule awaiting launch in the Kennedy Space Center (source: NASA TV) © ANSA / Ansa NASA has also decided to cancel the second launch attempt of the Artemis 1 mission directed to the Moon due to a leak detected during the loading of liquid hydrogen and which, after … Read more

Luna, for NASA ‘one step closer to the launch of Artemis’ – Science & Technology

New step towards the launch of the Artemis I mission (source: Nasa) © ANSA / Ansa “We are one step closer to launch”: it is with satisfaction that NASA announces the completion of the test campaign of the super rocket SLS (Space Launch System) for the return to the Moon. The rehearsal of the countdown, … Read more

CZ of Binance invests everything in Bitcoin and crypto | And on Terra Luna… –

CZ of Binance invests everything in Bitcoin and crypto

The LOVES up Reddit are always an excellent opportunity to learn more about the most important characters of the crypto world. This time it was the turn of CZwhich we will talk about among other things this afternoon at 6:30 pm right on Youtube channel of together withHon. Davide Zanichelli and toHon. Luca Carabettato … Read more

Terra e LUNA, the story continues: is reconstitution possible?

The story that sees protagonists the LUNA and UST tokens of the Earth ecosystem continues to develop, in a phase in which the collapse of the ecosystem is a fact, the community is licking its wounds and the founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon it is making proposals to understand how to re-establish the ecosystem … Read more

Terra Luna has a rebirth plan | But who will believe Do Kwon? Not Binance CZ! –

Terra Luna has a rebirth plan But who will

A plan to be reborn, which, however, was not welcomed by the big players in the sector in the best possible way. While many believe that the last chapter of the saga from Earth Moonthe post-plan of Do Kwon however it deserves to be shared and discussed, at least to do clarity on the future … Read more

Luna Rossa 2022, tonight the total eclipse: times and where to see it

The event will start on the night between 15 and 16 May at 3:32 am, while the partial eclipse phase will begin at 4:20. The peak phase of the total lunar eclipse will be recorded between 5.30 and 6.50 in the morning. The phenomenon will also be visible from Italy, but in its peak phase … Read more

Terra, LUNA e la stablecoin algoritmica UST: ecco cosa è successo

Il mercato delle criptovalute in preda al panico: nei giorni scorsi si abbattuto un vero e proprio terremoto che ha visto protagonista e vittima Terra Labs e i suoi token, in particolare Luna e TerraUSD, che ha mandato a gambe all’aria una tra le stablecoin pi popolari, innescando un effetto domino dagli esiti dolorosi e … Read more